Albury’s “multicultural flavour” leaves sour taste.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, it possibly won’t have escaped your attention that the sleepy city of Albury has become home to some (or rather a lot of) new arrivals of late. As featured nationally on the SBS propaganda series “go back where you came from”, Australian government policy has determined that moving significant numbers of non english speaking migrants out of the cities and into regional areas might be a good idea.

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Anyone else struck by they utter hypocrisy of Albury Councilor Darryl Bettridge’s call for Albury police to rid “his shop” of illicit drugs and antisocial behaviour? (Border Mail, front page 17/9/11)

Let’s be utterly clear on one issue right from the start, Sweethearts pizza in Dean Street has been little more than a haven for crime, violence, obnoxious drunken behaviour and anti-social malingering for as long as I can remember.

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Albury’s home to “hate (c)rap”

Ever heard of a self-important insignificance who calls himself “P Max”?

No I have to admit I was blissfully ignorant too, his real name is Peter Maxwell Slattery, he’s an Albury “local” (local in this instance meaning redneck tool) who fancies himself as a “representin” hip hop “arteeste”.

Nothing wrong with that I hear you protest, “good luck to him”.

Well I would have thought so too, that is until I discovered this on none other than good old you tube.

How pleased I was to see “old glory” the good old Aussie Battler flag, hung proudly against the cross of Odin.

A well known right wing racist hate symbol made popular by those great great guys in the Ku Klux Klan.(insert sarcasm font here)

I can only wish P-nut,  P-nis P-Max the best of luck.

Let’s hope he makes it all the way to the mean streets of Los Angeles or Downtown New York.

I’m sure Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G. Fitty Cent and all those other hard hittin’ negroes will see the funny side of white supremacist rap music.

Alternately Mr. “P-Max” Slattery might just find himself with a proverbial cap-in-his-ass.

Can’t help but feel it’d be no great loss to humanity if he did.

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Albury’s Keystone cops.

Thought I’d relay an incident I observed the other day.

I was on my porch reading a book, heard a disturbance in the park opposite and was dismayed to see a guy beating up a woman.

My first instinct was to go lay him low but then I thought “no, do it properly, let the police handle it”.

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Albury doesn’t deserve a rare and precious flower.

red spider orchid by mycocortex.

It’s an oversight of town planning rather than one of nature that one of the most retrograde populations of troglodytes has been dumped on top of one of the few remaining populations of one of the rarest flowers on earth.

I became aware of the plight of the crimson spider orchid a few years ago and made discreet (albeit persistent) enquiries about what I could do to ensure its longevity.

The response, whatever the source, was the same.

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Worthy of a Darwin award nomination?


Now you really have to wonder when even the great bastion of tactlessness that I am has to think long and hard about an opinion piece.

I saw this story in the Boredom Ale (border mail) through the week and I have to admit, my first reaction was not so much one of sympathy, rather what a bloody waste.

What the Ballarat Courier fails to mention is that this guy had a longstanding known allergy to bee venom, left his can of alcoholic drink lying around (a known bee attractant) while he went of doing God only knows what, came back, took a swig, SPAT OUT A BEE, and then, far from removing himself to a hospital post haste, KEPT ON DRINKING WITH HIS MATES!!!

Apparently he was found dead some time later.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Darwin awards, in order to qualify, one has to remove one’s self from the gene pool (either die or render ones self infertile) as a result of ones own foolishness.

You can read some examples here.

I’m not saying if he should qualify or not, and  I certainly feel bad for his family.

Without drawing any unnecessary conclusions and assuming the circumstances I gleaned from the BMare in fact accurate, you’d have to speculate whether his death was avoidable had a modicum of common sense entered the situation.

I guess it’s all in the transcript now.

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the great organic con.

I’m in the process of searching for a course to help me become a better gardener.

I enrolled in horticulture at Wodonga a couple of years ago and didn’t find it to my liking.

I didn’t like the focus on chemical remedies and there were a number of other philosophical differences between that and the way I like to do things.

When I discovered a permaculture course at Thurgoona TAFE I was quite excited, my excitement was short lived however as I found the course seemed to be heavily involved in the organic food movement which I have serious reservations about.

I prefer not to use chemicals, I doubt anyone would call me a chemically reliant gardener, I have lost stuff rather than spray, I prefer a “soil up” approach, meaning that I see it as priority 1 to enrich the soil and it’s resident flora and fauna.

To me these things aren’t revolutionary, they are good practice and most importantly they work.

To my great chagrin I discovered the focus of the course I was looking at was on commercial organic production, a scam if ever I have seen one.

A quick review of the “organic” movement will show you that it was “invented” by a couple of rich aristocracy types in Britain during the middle of last century.

Indeed “bonnie” Prince Charles has just celebrated 25 years of “organic gardening” in one of his country estates.

Which is really my main criticism of it, it’s elitist, a form of food snobbery really.

Organic METHODS work exceedingly well, in fact they are unsurpassed in my opinion, the problem is that the TERM “organic” seems to have been subverted and there is immense pressure for people who use these methods of food production to become “licenced” or “accredited”.

In effect the term “organic” (really a meaningless buzz-word, what does an IN-organic apple taste like I wonder?) has been subverted by those who stand to make a quick buck from regulating it and sold of as a commodity for profit.

Another way for money to run uphill in other words.

If anyone who produces food for either their or someone else’s consumption chooses to use chemicals in their production, they have little choice but to have some multi-national like Monsanto dipping into their pocket.

Genetic modification seems set to compound this problem massively.

However if a food producer chooses to advertise that they do NOT use chemicals in their processes, they have a completely separate group sticking their hand in their pocket by way of organic “accreditation” which can run to multiple hundreds of dollars per year.

For a small operator, this is nothing short of crippling.

Ever wondered WHY you pay between two to five times MORE for produce grown without chemicals and grown locally than for equivalent grown far away and WITH chemicals?

I know I have.

Well the answer is that all that “accrediting” BS has to be payed for, in the short term it’s the poor beggar scratching a living off the soil who picks up the can.

Longer term, if he or she wants to stay afloat, they have little or no choice but to pass on the cost to the consumers of their produce.

The process of “organic accreditation” came about in response to people claiming their produce was grown pesticide and herbicide free, and the claims turned out to be spurious.

The solution?

A heavy handed, over regulated, top heavy industry which can’t compete on an even footing because it is hamstrung by maintaining the cost of the bureaucracy that feeds on it.

A veritable plague of $75KPA+ “locusts” which in all likely hood wont stop devouring until there is nothing left.

As with so many things when you decide not to use chemicals, the “cure” is worse than the ailment.

Anyway, nobody’s going to tell me how to grow things and if I choose not to use chemicals that’s my buisiness.

As for “organic accreditation/ certification” well I guess it would make good fertiliser (if you can stand the stench).

My solution? grow your own and put the whole filthy lot of them out of buisiness as quickly as possible.

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