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Common sense prevails.

I’m no fan of Wodonga council, there I’ve said it!! Nonetheless I’m heartily gladdened to hear that common sense and what’s best for the community has prevailed over the vested interests of an overly powerful lobby group. Namely the yokels … Continue reading

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The “Big Ugly”, now less so.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve been glib about David Entwicht and his work as a consultant “place-maker” for the Wodonga city council in the past. Flippant even, you might say. Yes I’ve taken the opportunity to sink the slipper over … Continue reading

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Saleyards impass, the way forward.

In light of the very public disagreement between local redneckscockies and Wodonga council over the location of the Wodonga sale-yards, I think the way forward is patently obvious, instead of moving the sale-yards to Bandiana, they should be relocated to … Continue reading

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Shocking crime brings out the worst in Border residents.

Two men have been remanded in custody over the alledged bashing murder of a Wodonga man in the carpark of the Birallee Tavern leaving the region in a state of shock over the brutality. We certainly like to think of … Continue reading

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Wodonga’s New CEO

Gavin Cator is Wodonga’s new CEO. The Border Mail has a pithy, some might say scant, article on the man who will play a much greater role in our towns governance than any elected representative. He’s from Moira Council, and … Continue reading

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National Tree Day @ Willow Park

Friends of Willow Park have sent our a flyer for their upcoming National Tree Day event. National Tree day is the 27th of July. If you feel like planting a tree, head down to Willow Park (meet near the BBQ). … Continue reading

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Wodonga’s water tower: the Big Ugly?

Above: the “big ugly penis shaped lump of concrete” gets into the spirit of Christmas with some festive lights. Australia has a proud tradition of “big” things, Wodonga already has the world’s largest rolling pin, Myrtleford has the “big cigarette”, … Continue reading

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