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Albury’s “multicultural flavour” leaves sour taste.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, it possibly won’t have escaped your attention that the sleepy city of Albury has become home to some (or rather a lot of) new arrivals of late. As featured … Continue reading

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Anyone else struck by they utter hypocrisy of Albury Councilor Darryl Bettridge’s call for Albury police to rid “his shop” of illicit drugs and antisocial behaviour? (Border Mail, front page 17/9/11) Let’s be utterly clear on one issue right from the … Continue reading

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Common sense prevails.

I’m no fan of Wodonga council, there I’ve said it!! Nonetheless I’m heartily gladdened to hear that common sense and what’s best for the community has prevailed over the vested interests of an overly powerful lobby group. Namely the yokels … Continue reading

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Albury council elections…the end of progressive politics?

I for one am feeling decidedly pessimistic about the upcoming Albury council elections, I have heard it said on more than one occasion by people appraising the current council lineup that “not one of them deserves to be there”. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Saleyards impass, the way forward.

In light of the very public disagreement between local redneckscockies and Wodonga council over the location of the Wodonga sale-yards, I think the way forward is patently obvious, instead of moving the sale-yards to Bandiana, they should be relocated to … Continue reading

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Albury council candidates at the Zedbar.

I recieved an invite from Ordette Mannering who is running for the local council elections on a ticket headed by Cr. Paul Wareham, that she along with Daryl Betteridge (lead candidate on the late-night trader’s ticket) will be at the … Continue reading

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VEAC delivers report on river red gums.

  The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) has has completed the River Red Gum Forests Investigation and provided its report to the Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change Gavin Jennings. The following is an excerpt from it’s summary of … Continue reading

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