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Common sense prevails.

I’m no fan of Wodonga council, there I’ve said it!! Nonetheless I’m heartily gladdened to hear that common sense and what’s best for the community has prevailed over the vested interests of an overly powerful lobby group. Namely the yokels … Continue reading

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So now what?……

Now that the dust has died down and all the votes are counted, the new Albury council is well and truly ensconced for the next four years (and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it), it would appear … Continue reading

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What the….??

Ah Deniliqun, home of the “ute on a stick”, the “ute muster” and generally all things “ute” may now have a new claim to fame, Deniliquin may prove to be home to the smallest, most insignificant, drug bust in Australian … Continue reading

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The “Big Ugly”, now less so.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve been glib about David Entwicht and his work as a consultant “place-maker” for the Wodonga city council in the past. Flippant even, you might say. Yes I’ve taken the opportunity to sink the slipper over … Continue reading

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Albury library up to speed, what about the rest?

One inadvertant consequence of the recent construction of the Albury library/ museum has been to highlight the shortfall in services of other libraries within the Upper Murray Regional Library (UMRL) network. While there are certainly numerous bugs to be ironed … Continue reading

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Albury council elections…the end of progressive politics?

I for one am feeling decidedly pessimistic about the upcoming Albury council elections, I have heard it said on more than one occasion by people appraising the current council lineup that “not one of them deserves to be there”. Sadly, … Continue reading

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the Centro farce….the buck-passing continues.

So, in my last post, I relayed the tale of scum-bags occupying disabled parking spaces illegally and the wave of apathy on all sides which accompanied it. As you’ll recall I vowed to follow up with the council whom the … Continue reading

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