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Anyone else struck by they utter hypocrisy of Albury Councilor Darryl Bettridge’s call for Albury police to rid “his shop” of illicit drugs and antisocial behaviour? (Border Mail, front page 17/9/11) Let’s be utterly clear on one issue right from the … Continue reading

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Albury’s home to “hate (c)rap”

Ever heard of a self-important insignificance who calls himself “P Max”? No I have to admit I was blissfully ignorant too, his real name is Peter Maxwell Slattery, he’s an Albury “local” (local in this instance meaning redneck tool) who … Continue reading

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Albury doesn’t deserve a rare and precious flower.

It’s an oversight of town planning rather than one of nature that one of the most retrograde populations of troglodytes has been dumped on top of one of the few remaining populations of one of the rarest flowers on earth. … Continue reading

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What the….??

Ah Deniliqun, home of the “ute on a stick”, the “ute muster” and generally all things “ute” may now have a new claim to fame, Deniliquin may prove to be home to the smallest, most insignificant, drug bust in Australian … Continue reading

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the Centro farce….the buck-passing continues.

So, in my last post, I relayed the tale of scum-bags occupying disabled parking spaces illegally and the wave of apathy on all sides which accompanied it. As you’ll recall I vowed to follow up with the council whom the … Continue reading

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It’s a bloody disgrace!!

Normally I try to avoid Centro, they are a particularly vile way to shop, crowded, smelly, they treat their employees like vermin. There’s a whole list of reasons not to bother, but this week my Nan is in town and … Continue reading

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Kerang truck driver to stand trial.

Christian Scholl, the Wangaratta truck driver facing 24 charges, including 11 counts of culpable driving and 10 of negligently causing serious injury following the now infamous Kerang rail disaster which killed 11 people in June of last year has pleaded … Continue reading

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