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Albury’s home to “hate (c)rap”

Ever heard of a self-important insignificance who calls himself “P Max”? No I have to admit I was blissfully ignorant too, his real name is Peter Maxwell Slattery, he’s an Albury “local” (local in this instance meaning redneck tool) who … Continue reading

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The “Big Ugly”, now less so.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve been glib about David Entwicht and his work as a consultant “place-maker” for the Wodonga city council in the past. Flippant even, you might say. Yes I’ve taken the opportunity to sink the slipper over … Continue reading

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“Bush Tucker Man” at Albury’s Community Wood Fired Oven.

    Mark Olive (above) of the ABC’s “the Black Olive” with a fresh take on provincial cuisine. Celebrity chef Mark Olive was in Albury this weekend promoting his book “the Outback Cafe” as part of the Write Around the … Continue reading

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New Albury arts co-ordinator, let’s have someone good this time.

Kevin (Bloody) Wilson is throwing the towel in, no, not Kevin “bloody” Wilson the offensive singer, Kevin “bloody” Wilson the offensive bureaucrat.  Don’t know who he is? well he’s been the head honcho of the Albury public arts scene for two … Continue reading

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Sneaky says “sorry”

                                                       Sydney trio Sneaky Sound System has issued a written apology to several news outlets distancing themselves from comments made by lead singer Connie Mitchell (above) about Albury Wodonga to British music magazine TNT. The appropriately explosive comment was that “Albury-Wodonga … Continue reading

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Demon seed of a demon weed?

           A video which has appeared on youtube depicting Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella’s unborn child as a demon has stirred an expected level of controversy. As the Daily Telegraph says; The video closes on an image of a red-eyed and … Continue reading

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About bloody time.

I am often critical of police, I admit it, I believe as a society we have a moral obligation to question authority as a form of vigilance to ensure our liberties are respected and our personal freedoms are maintained. I … Continue reading

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