Souveneir it for parts?

A thought occurred to me as I wandered around the Library Museum the other day.
Actually as I perused the permanent collection of Uiver memorabilia.

It seemed to me that there was plenty to demonstrate the form and appearance of the plane, but nothing to actually make the link to its actual size.

Surely the inclusion of an iconic piece (such as a propeller) installed tastefully might be a useful thing in being able to imagine the plane’s true size.

Possibly the front part of the fuselage could be cut and the whole cockpit installed.
I’d say the cockpit is the part most people wold be most interested in seeing anyway.


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3 Responses to Souveneir it for parts?

  1. Ray Dixon says:


    My thoughts are sell it for scrap metal. It’s just a replica.

  2. Glenn Rose says:

    I’m wondering if you could mention this event to the attention of your blog audience..

    On Tuesday 22nd November
    12noon – 2pm
    Gourmet BBQ lunch
    SS&A Club Wodonga

    Guest speaker TIM MATHIESON, Australia’s “first bloke”, partner of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, patron of the Men’s Shed Association and Ambassador for Men’s Health.
    Also speaking are Dr Jonathon Lewin ( Consultant Urological Surgeon ) and Dr Bill Walton ( Wodonga GP)

    Tickets available from Wodonga City Council 0260229300 or the website

    $30 pp
    ( Proceeds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


    Glenn Rose
    on behalf of the Albury Wodonga Prostate Cancer Support Group

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