Worthy of a Darwin award nomination?


Now you really have to wonder when even the great bastion of tactlessness that I am has to think long and hard about an opinion piece.

I saw this story in the Boredom Ale (border mail) through the week and I have to admit, my first reaction was not so much one of sympathy, rather what a bloody waste.

What the Ballarat Courier fails to mention is that this guy had a longstanding known allergy to bee venom, left his can of alcoholic drink lying around (a known bee attractant) while he went of doing God only knows what, came back, took a swig, SPAT OUT A BEE, and then, far from removing himself to a hospital post haste, KEPT ON DRINKING WITH HIS MATES!!!

Apparently he was found dead some time later.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Darwin awards, in order to qualify, one has to remove one’s self from the gene pool (either die or render ones self infertile) as a result of ones own foolishness.

You can read some examples here.

I’m not saying if he should qualify or not, and  I certainly feel bad for his family.

Without drawing any unnecessary conclusions and assuming the circumstances I gleaned from the BMare in fact accurate, you’d have to speculate whether his death was avoidable had a modicum of common sense entered the situation.

I guess it’s all in the transcript now.


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5 Responses to Worthy of a Darwin award nomination?

  1. jr says:

    And some say getting p****d is the best recreational pastime, until your life depends on it of course. 😉

  2. some people do indeed say that JR, a good many of them end up dead, in jail or in a 12 step recovery programme, but until then they do say it.

    Alcohol is such a healthy influence on society, what we need is for someone to run for council on a platform of making it easier for those with liquor licences to make a heap more money selling grog to the masses.

    Oh no, wait….

  3. jr says:

    Glad you cleared that last part up, Jack. For a minute there you had me thinking you were espousing your opposition to free enterprise. 😉

    Mind you, consumption of alcohol up to levels where the outcome is a personal health issue, surely is a sign of illness of some sort. And when you look at it in that light, aint it grand to see these bastions of the business community making their (above average) fortunes from sickos?

  4. Yes yes, you can kill yourself and make life a living hell for your relatives on cigarettes, alcohol and gambling but not heroin, marijuana and speed.

    Governments and unscrupulous “buisiness-people” profit from the former, out right crooks from the latter.
    It’s an arbitrary distinction and one which simply does not stand up to any sort of rational analysis.

    Why is one acceptable and legal, the other unacceptable and illegal?
    You’ll do your nut in trying to get your head around it, the truth is there is no justification for it, it’s simply a great fat hypocricy that everyone seems to go along with “because it’s the law” (as though that were some independant influence and not just an arbitrary line in the sand dictated by a parliamentary act).

    “Free” enterprise is responsible for the current financial crisis (and it’s not just me who thinks so).

    Without some form of regulator to ensure human decency intervenes at some level, a “free” market economy is just a disaster.

    Actually what most people talk about when they are refering to a “free” market economy is not “free” at all, it is an artificial economy propped up by all manner of regulations, tarrifs and protectionist measures to ensure that money runs uphill.

    Even a black market economy is subject to price fixing and all manner of protectionist and anti-competetive measures.
    That’s why the price of marajuana is roughly the same no matter where you buy it, who grew it, where it came from etc.
    (at least that was the case when last I had anything to do with it which was I’ll admit a good long while ago now).

    In a truly “free” market economy, ther would be no barrier to producing pirated DVDs for instance and the price would go through the floor.

    Of course the mega wealthy who stand to lose the most money from such a move would never wear it so we have a legal system which imposes higher penalties for copyright infringement than for assault occasioning actual grevious bodily harm.

    You’d get a lesser sentance if you bit Jerry Bruckheimer’s silly looking nose clean off his face than if you denied him his “right” to royalty income by pirating one of his schlock movies (even the ones which are themselves about glorifying piracy).

    Funny old world innit?

  5. jr says:

    Yep, funny old world alright, if it wasn’t so frick’n depressing.

    This piracy thing has got me so bloody paranoid about possibly finding my art work being copied and distributed without my permission in the near future.

    I’m currently negotiating an overseas deal to create art and it’s a legal minefield that’s got me losing a lot of sleep.

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