It’s a bloody disgrace!!

Normally I try to avoid Centro, they are a particularly vile way to shop, crowded, smelly, they treat their employees like vermin. There’s a whole list of reasons not to bother, but this week my Nan is in town and bless her, the old girl likes to shop.

She’s 85 not-out and since she had a stroke a couple of years back, not as spry on her pins as she once was.

She’s entitled to disabled parking (and needs it) so I hunted around for a disabled parking space.

To my great ire I wasn’t able to find one vacant and went around for a fourth lap.

Clearly there is inadequate disabled parking in the Centro car park, but on closer inspection, I found to my increasing fury there were a number of cars occupying disabled spaces without a permit displayed.

Obviously it’s POSSIBLE that the occupant of the car was legitimately entitled and had just forgotten their card, sure, I don’t have a problem with that.

In any rate, I decided to make enquiries about it, the only Centro employee I could find was some African dude who didn’t speak English…helpful!!

I left Nan in the care of my Mum for a while and set off to get to the bottom of this farce.

After some searching I located the office of Centro management, when I informed them that the disabled parking they had on the premises was being illegally occupied, surprise surprise I got the standard barrage of rhetoric “oh we don’t enforce that, that’s the police’s responsibility”

Nice, apparently Centro will happily spit all over worker’s rights to employ new migrants to collect trolleys at a rate of pay below the poverty line, but that’s the extent of their involvement, park in a disabled space, set a toddler on fire or open up into a crowd with a 50 calibre machine gun for that matter…Centro don’t care, as long as you don’t actually do it WITHIN the hallowed confines of their shopping mall.


Anyway, not to be perturbed on our return to the car I noticed that there was one woman sitting in her car, occupying a disabled space nary a permit in sight so I decided to approach her.

“Oh, yeah, I’m just waiting for someone, I’ll move….”

Verminous slug just decided she was more entitled to the space than someone without legs and decided to park her barge-arse there.


As luck would have it, there  happened to be a police car rolling by, I took down her licence plate number and flagged him down (actually I had to chase him down, apparently basic observation skills like noticing someone yelling and waving their arms in the air isn’t covered in basic training at the academy).

It was clear this particular copper thought handing out a parking ticket (even to a scum-bag low enough to steal a disabled parking space) was beneath him.

While he spent his “valuable” time quizzing me about make, model, state of issue of registration (I kid you not) and indeed whether or not I had been drinking, she-to-whom Dennis Leary immortalised in song, made a clean getaway.

I indicated that I was prepared to make a statement, testify in court if needs be and there was no question that I had the registration number, but given that I was unsure about the state of origin of the registration he decided “not to pursue the matter”.


Very bloody weak.

Now I’m no parking Nazi, if someone parks in a 30 minute space for 45, who cares? certainly not me.

I think most parking infringement notices are a revenue raising excercise, plain and simple, but stealing a disabled parking space?

No, that’s low.

I’m not done with this issue, I will be speaking to someone from the council who deals with parking infringement notices today and I haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting myself a digital camera and turning “parking vigilante”, taking photos of cars parked illegally which shows both the location and the registration number, it may however come to nothing if I can’t do anything to redress the tsunami of bureaucratic and authoritarian indifference on this issue.

I think you’ll agree, it’s a bloody disgrace.


About alburywodongaonline

Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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10 Responses to It’s a bloody disgrace!!

  1. jr says:

    Jack, Jack, dear Jack! Where the bloody hell have you been?

    Seriously, mate, get a knife and slash the bitch’s tires next time. Or, I wonder where we can locate some wheel clamps? No, no, not on the wheel, hit her with the bloody thing.

    As for our poor, overworked, underpaid constabulary, it’s probably the paperwork that scares them. You inconveniencing, inconsiderate peasant, you!

    Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, in clear daylight, in High St, Wodonga, my daughter had her nice shiny red car keyed all the way around, as well as being verbally abused by some scumbag bullyboy after a parking altercation where she actually never so much as uttered a boo. too traumatized.

    With a witness in tow, she marched into the police station and demanded something done. They had the bastard report to them the next day and all, where he admitted the offence. Result? Still no charges laid. Bludgers!

  2. raydixon says:

    It kind of proves the point that a lot of social crimes like this – and like vandalism – proliferate because a failure of the police to actually police.

    Why do they do it? Well why does a dog lick its own ‘privates’? Because it can.

  3. JR I’m not going to slash anyone’s tyres, if only because there’s a chance I might inadvertantly contribute to a legitimately disabled person’s woes-on the off chance a legitimately disabled person just happened to forget to display their permit.

    Ray, Ray, again so far from the point.
    I see the “cemetary vandal” is back in court, he won’t keep out of jail, he’s working very hard to get himself incarcerated.

    It begs the question though, was he born “bad” or was he made bad by years of abuse, abuse that occured with the tacit approval of appathetic bystanders in the community.

  4. raydixon says:

    Apparently (according to the BM) his parents can’t control him. And they attribute his behavioural problems to an incident when he fell out of a tree and hit his friggin’ head!

    I’ve heard a lot of excuses but that one …..

    Btw, you missed MY point above Jack. Did you stop to think about “barge arse’s” upbringing and possible underclass status when YOU were the victim?

    Anyway, all the points are a bit mute now

  5. Greg Naylor says:

    Jack, I have one of those stickers and, to use the marked spaces, the sticker has to be displayed. Without the sticker, the handicapped person does not have the right to use the space.

    A little known fact is that the sticker entitles the holder to double time in normal parking spaces either free or metred.

  6. Ray, now you’re just being a goose.
    Drop it, I’m tired of it.
    Perhaps ring lifeline and tell someone who cares huh?

    Greg, I think it’d be a pretty beligerent parking officer who issued a fine to a vehicle displaying a handicapped permit at all.

    The one exception of course is able bodied people who have access to a disabled permit (ie not their own permit) and use it to grab disabled spaces without fear of infringement.

    That’s a pretty low act as well and goes on more than a lot of people would like to think.

  7. raydixon says:

    Ray, now you’re just being a goose. Drop it, I’m tired of it.
    Perhaps ring lifeline and tell someone who cares huh?

    I’m sorry for having a contrary opinion to your own Jack, but there’s no need for insults.

  8. Ray, you’ve been at this like a dog with a bone for some time now, you refuse to acknowledge any view other than your own and now you’ve attempted to hijack another thread with this nonsense.

    Youve absolutely no grounds to take the moral high ground here and feign indignance.

  9. raydixon says:

    It was your nonsense in the first place, Jack. If you don’t want people to express opposite opinions to you then don’t post anything even slightly opinionated yourself. Geezus man!

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