Paul Wareham’s Secret?

Is this just a typo from that otherwise excellent publication, the Border Morning Birdcage Liner? Or is Howard Jones trying to tell us something about Paul Wareham?

Innocent typo, or Paul Wareham in drag? We beat it up, you decide.

Ahh the Border Mail, in twenty years we’ve seen the medium change, but the quality of the product stays the same.

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3 Responses to Paul Wareham’s Secret?

  1. raydixon says:

    It’s amazing what a new pair of glasses, some hair colour and a bit of lippy (and a solarium) can do for one’s image. Paul looks quite ‘nice’.

  2. Ordette Mannering says:

    a little faux pas…I suppose there’ll be more!

    .. and I have never used a solarium.

    Ask what you like, i’ll answer it.

    Ordette Mannering (that’s me in the pic!)

    Who needs a Man when there’s a Mannering?

  3. so any idea how the mix up came to be Ordette?
    That’s a pretty big goof even by the Border Mail’s standards.

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