Who has their papers in?

The New South Wales Election Commission offers you this fine website, which details which candidates for the Albury City Council election have their papers in.

John Emmery is not on the list. Amanda Duncan-Strelec is not on the list. In fact only 25 five people are on the list (as of 10pm on the 8th of August). And nominations close on the thirteenth.

In comparison, my 2008 Albury Election Guide lists thirty nine names. Some people need to get their act together.

On an aside, claims that Patricia Gould is still sniffing around for candidates appear to be bunk. The NSW Election Commission lists a ticket headed by Patricia Gould which consists of:

GOULD, Patricia
ANGUS, Robert

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2 Responses to Who has their papers in?

  1. Considering Patricia Gould’s registered ticket does not include a single member of the Apex Club of Albury, I think it’d be appropriate to issue a retraction in relation to the last article here Jack.

  2. Perhaps I should just cite my source, I can only go on the information I’m provided and my own interperetation of it can I not?

    I’m not offering a retraction, I will cite (although not reveal) my source however.

    It may come as a shock, but I’m actually not in the buisiness of putting a positive spin on nepotism and shady back-corridoor deals.

    Patricia Gould might be good for your little club, but she’s poisonous for the community.
    Perhaps you need to look beyond “what’s good for Dave”.

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