Patricia Gould and the Apexians, Branch Stacking?

            Councillor Patricia Gould

…if you scratch my back…

Albury council perennial Patricia Gould was down at the local Apex club scouting for a few stooge candidates to fill a ticket through the week.

Turns out Pat has done the odd “favour” for the Apexians (by “favour” I mean a little like Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic expedition burying supplies in the snow at random intervals in case of hard times, notching up a few IOU’s among the local Apexians).

Well Pat’s nepotism has payed off and she’s managed to fill up her ticket with promises of “hey, do this for me and I’ll see about getting you elected next time around”.

Kind of reminds me of the fracas around George Seitz and the branch stacking scandal at Sydenham soccer club before the Kororoyt byelection.

It may not technically be branch stacking, but it sails perilously close to the wind.

I guess pulling shifties like this is how Patricia Gould has managed to stay on council since Methuselah wore short pants.

I think it’s a shame, community organisations like Apex are supposed to be about altruism not nepotism, it takes the shine off a lot of the good works they do when they jump into bed with local politics, particularly the style of politics Patricia “Rattus rattus” Gould is only too well known for.


Here’s the contents of an email I recieved on 29th July. As always, I reveal my sources only on their request.

I got a phone call from my very good friend Pat Gould today, asking if
she could come and see me tomorrow. No more detail, but I doubt she’s
coming to offer me something fantastic for my Apex Club, I guess a few
of her ticket fillers have fallen off the tree since last election and
she’s getting desperate.

I’ll give you more detail after tomorrow’s visitation, but you’ll have
to keep me anon on this one as Pat is pretty much the patron saint of
our Club so we need to keep her on side.


Obviously it’s written by someone within the Apex organisation.

Further on 2nd August, this.

Our meeting got delayed.

Here it is, Pat was after me as a ticket warmer. She tells me that she managed to get a full ticket on Wednesday evening, but still wants a backstop in case someone gets cold feet.
I politely declined, but Pat offered to support me behind the scenes in ’12 if I run.
So no scoop for AWOL this week I’m sorry to say. It may pay to do a small feature on the ticket system, and harass a few of the ticket warmers when they’re announced, you never know what you might shake out.
As I was requested not to publish this information I sat on it until my source said he was happy for it to be published.
The comparison of Patricia Gould’s actions as being “PERILOUSLY CLOSE” to branch stacking is entirely my own opinion.
I never claimed otherwise.
So you can make up your own minds as to whether what I printed is far fetched in light of the information I had to hand, I have no reason to dis-believe the source and I don’t believe that what I published was out of step with the information I was provided.
You be the judge.

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Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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13 Responses to Patricia Gould and the Apexians, Branch Stacking?

  1. raydixon says:

    2 things come to mind here.

    1. Is she seriously going around again?

    2. Dave from A is an Apexian – maybe he can shed some light on this? (Maybe he’s a Pat ‘stooge’?)

  2. 1. When they eventually do wheel Pat’s festering carcass from Albury city council chambers, I suspect they will do so in a pine box (most likely followed by a visit from the local priest to excorcise her malevolent spirit from the building)

    2. I don’t think Dave is on the ticket, at least I hope not.

    I’ll have offended grossly if he is I suspect.

  3. raydixon says:

    Too late, I’ve given him the link. Expect fireworks. (I told mrsdave too)

  4. Let me preface my remarks by making the point that Apex is a non-political organisation. It is one of our core values and it makes for a unique environment where people can focus on their common desire to build better communities, rather than bickering about our differences.

    The Albury Council has always been a strong supporter of the Apex Club of Albury as they no doubt appreciate the contribution that we make to the community. There have never been any inappropriate dealings between our Club and the council.

    Having served a number of terms on council Mrs Gould has had plenty of opportunities to observe the positive impact our Club has had on the community. Also, any community group who did not attempt to build a positive relationship with their local council would be doing themselves and the community that they serve a disservice.

    As far as I am aware, and I stand to be corrected, no current members of the Apex Club of Albury are considering standing as candidates in this year’s council elections.

    As the members of the Apex Club of Albury are all civic minded citizens I am not surprised that they would be in demand as members of a ticket for council. Mrs Gould is not the only councillor seeking re-election who has approached members of our Club trying to find people willing to stand on their ticket.

    I reject outright any suggestion that the Apex Club of Albury would be involved in any malfeasance . I would also like to defend the right of our members, current and former, to involve themselves individually in the democratic process in whatever capacity, and with whomever they see fit.

    To compare the relationship between Mrs Gould and the Apex Club of Albury to the practice of branch stacking is inappropriate and entirely without basis.

  5. raydixon says:

    So, we can safely assume you’re on the ticket then Dave, by the sound of that?

  6. raydixon says:

    Not that there would be anything wrong with that, as you say.

  7. I’m not interested in standing for public office at this time Ray. I have a young family who I’d prefer to spend time with and the free time I do have I choose to devote to Apex as it gives me the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes for my community.

    As far as I am aware, and I stand to be corrected, no current members of the Apex Club of Albury are considering standing as candidates in this year’s council elections.

  8. raydixon says:

    Oh sorry, I missed that bit Dave. Vigorous defence there.

  9. raydixon says:

    Actually, whoever stands as second banana on ‘ol Pat’s’ ticket is probably a cert. I mean, is she likely to make it to election date?

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  11. Vigorous defence there.

    I believe that the post requires it.

    Community organisations rely entirely on the goodwill of the people that they serve to achieve things, if that goodwill is undermined then our ability to build our community is diminished. Our Club has served the Albury community for almost 77 years, and I will not allow falsehoods about the organisation to tarnish our reputation.

  12. raydixon says:

    Fair enough. It’s over to you then Jack.

  13. Dave I wasn’t suggesting that the Apex club was involved in any “malfeasance”, any more than the soccer club at the centre of George Sietz’s branch stacking scam (or alledged branch stacking scam) was, rather that individual members of the Apex club have allowed themselves to become involved in a nepotistical “you scratch my back” type arrangement which allows the organisation to be used as a pool to recruit a few stooges when Patricia Gould’s ticket is looking thin on the ground.

    Had there been an official Apex directive to encourage members to stand on Patricia Gould’s ticket that would have been another matter entirely.

    I never accused your club of any impropriety, I think Patricia Gould’s motives and actions are improper, but Apex’s only “sin” is allowing itself to be used by a manipulative and cunning political operator.

    Poor judgement if you like.

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