It’s Raining Candidates down at Albury City

As predicted, the hoo-haa Fromholtz Park has produced a ticket in the coming election.

CAMERON, Sharonlee,
COWIE, Mark.

Source: Border Mail.

Another group, calling itself the “Hull-Summers Leadership Team” could be characterised the Rotarian Ticket. They’re promising “leadership”, they reckon that council’s current 2030 plan amounts to “Consultant driven platitudes”, which they want to build on with “real outcomes”. What they mean by “real outcomes” still seems to be in the platitude phase.

HULL, Neville
HOWELL, Richard

Source: Border Mail.

And also in the Border Mail, Emmery gets yet another run with yet another “bold plan”.

I’ll be updating our election guide as soon as I can. Do you know anything significant about any of these candidates? Or are you announcing a ticket of your own? Drop a note to

Update: Glachan has announced her ticket, Emmery’s ticket will be in tomorrow’s Border Mail. Notably Emmery has put himself in second place on his ticket, is he counting on two seats, or was this always about supporting someone else’s election bid?

Update: More details on Glachlan’s ticket, the names for Henk’s ticket have been released with the promise of an article tomorrow.

Further Update: The “Hull Summers Team” have a decent website, and Ordette Mannering informs me that the Spawn of Fromholtz ticket (what I will from now on be calling the Wareham ticket) are not in any way a Fromholtz Park ticket, as that “issue is dead in the lagoon”. Now to get around to writing and updating some more candidate profiles!

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5 Responses to It’s Raining Candidates down at Albury City

  1. raydixon says:

    I’m amazed at how many people are showing their hand in Albury before nominations open. We have the opposite situation over here in Alpine where even sitting councillors are cagey about whether or not they’ll run again.

    Most candidates here work on the premise of keeping a low profile, hoping to sneak into office by not being the slightest bit controversial. They only ever make motherhood statements like “I want to work for the community”. It works too.

    If any candidate puts forward a constructive idea he is then attacked by the others … who have no ideas.

    Daryl Pearce got elected by promising to do absolutely nothing but stick his snout in the public trough (his words, down the pub). He delivered on that promise too.

    I live in a really strange place over here.

  2. that’s a real worry when a candidate campaigns on a platform of pork barreling…and gets elected.

    Perhaps that’s the key to getting on the Alpine Shire council, claim to be able to out-guzzle Dazza at the trough, and then to rub salt into the wounds, down a yard glass in half the time it takes him, and pull a bong for desert.

    It worked for Hawkie. (well if you substitute cheating on his missus for pulling a bong).

  3. Kieran, I understand Patricia Gould was scratching around one of the local community groups to fill her ticket recently as well.

    I’m just waiting for a few details then I’ll do a post about it.

    It sounds like it doesn’t quite fit the criteria for branch stacking, but it’s perilously close if you ask me.

  4. raydixon says:

    Check out today’s Border Mail, even more teams of candidates have been announced.

    As an outsider to your city I find it hard to distinguish one group from another. And why is everyone being so careful NOT to criticise the existing council, which I find really weird?

    What, is the existing council so well regarded that any candidate who dares to say “We need a new broom to sweep out the dead wood” sort-of thing, is instantly ostracised?

    Such ‘gentlemanly’ behaviour makes for very bland politics in my opinion. Why doesn’t someone go for the jugular? At least they’d get noticed.

  5. Lynda says:

    This website provides further info on the Hull Summers Team – to save you looking!

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