Lynching at Albury City: Summary

Jack Stone and Kieran Bennett decided to pop along to last night’s extraordinary meeting at Albury City Council. Here’s a summary of our coverage:

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7 Responses to Lynching at Albury City: Summary

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  2. Greg Naylor says:

    It sounds like you two bloggers had an interesting evening. Now, how about an intepretation of the issues involved for those of us living outside of Albury.

  3. raydixon says:

    Oh I’d say it’s pretty easy to understand what is happening over there. Seems to be all about egos.

    I tell you what though, from everything I’ve read it’s Amanda who comes out the worst. Her arrogance is appalling. I hope she bombs out at the election. She seems entirely self-centred and whoever told her to “p… off bitch” got it right.

    As for Mayor Baker, he sounds like a spineless sycophant. And Porter has just got it wrong when he says “the public is sick of it”. Uh-uh, it’s very entertaining stuff watching these juvenile try-hards make asses of themselves.

    As for Wareham, I imagine this has done his re-election chances no harm at all and in fact it might increase his vote. Electors don’t like to see people victimised over silly little incidents like this. Right or wrong I’d say Wareham came out on top.

  4. Amanda’s not that bad, I think she rubs people up the wrong way but there is one thing about her I do like.

    She was the only member of council to come out and lay the blame for violence in Dean Street on alcohol consumption not some made-up drugs scapegoat.

    Dean Street has been the scene of alcohol fuelled violence for decades, she is the ONLY person on council brave enough to defy the liquor licensees and say so.

    Your precisely wrong about Stuart Baker too I think Ray, he’s neither spineless nor sycophantic.

    I think he’s genuinely had a gutfull of the infighting (mostly resultant from Paul Wareham stirring the pot).

    Arthur Fraunfelder on the other hand, now THERE’S an integrity void, too gutless to either come to his mate’s aid in his time of need OR join the lynching posse to string him up.

    Half measures are the curse of him.

    I’ve given up trying to predict who will and who will not get elected in Albury, there are just too many dullards on the roll who will happily vote for the very worst candidate available it seems.

  5. raydixon says:

    Borderline’s got a great piece on Amanda. Check out the photo too!

    As for Baker, that’s what I really mean. He’s given up and has not taken control of the situation and allowed it to degenerate into this circus. Maybe he had a backbone once but now he’s just looking to get out.

  6. He struck me as just being totally fed up, I read the BORDERLINE article, maybe it’s true, big deal!

    Woman takes off her bra at a party? Not really news worthy I wouldn’t have thought.
    I think Amanda’s biggest crime is that she wears her heart on her sleeve a bit.
    She has no poker-face whatsoever.
    Hardly an asset for a person seeking a career in local politics I would have thought.

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