Shocking crime brings out the worst in Border residents.

Two men have been remanded in custody over the alledged bashing murder of a Wodonga man in the carpark of the Birallee Tavern leaving the region in a state of shock over the brutality.

We certainly like to think of ourselves as a caring community “family values” and all that but the events of the past twenty four hours would tend to paint a wholly different picture.

I’m not talking about the brutal act of violence itself, that alone is quite bad enough, rather the reaction of members of the community has compounded the horror of the event.

Take Simmonds court resident Mavis Edwards, proudly posing for the camera in today’s Border Mail, something of a study in bystander appathy, is woken by enraged screams of a man screeching “I’ll kill you” and then, as one does, rolls over for a little more beauty sleep.

Apparently the act of picking up a telephone reciever and dialling tripple zero would actually have killed her, even if it saved the life of someone else.

Thanks Mavis, your community spirit and concern for the suffering of your fellow human beings is a guiding light to all.

I hope she never sleeps again. Somehow however, I suspect she’s unlikely to lose any sleep whatsoever.

Then there’s the steady stream of ghoulish onlookers trailing by Wodonga’s newest tourist attraction, the tent erected to conceal the broken body of a 52 year old man horribly slain, presumably bludgeoned to death cave-man style with a lump of wood which was being used to stake up a nearby tree.

My guess is it’ll be these same morons waxing lyrical for the re-introduction of the death penalty, presumably to satisfy their morbid craving to see even more death.

I am often aghast at the lack of character in my fellow “border residents” I admit it, when they vote en masse to return a corrupt politician clearly in the back pocket of vested interest groups or rally behind a patently absurd proposal to erect/ maintain/ preserve some pig-in-a-poke endeavour, but it’s rare that I am truly disgusted with them.

I am today.


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Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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13 Responses to Shocking crime brings out the worst in Border residents.

  1. raydixon says:

    It was initially reported on news bulletins that one of the two arrested was a Myrtleford man. However, today it’s reported that the 36 year old is actually from Whoroully, a tiny farming district whose only previous ‘claim to fame’ was having one of its football players jailed for an assault on the footy field.

    No wonder they beat Bright in last year’s O&K grand final.

  2. jr says:

    Tell me, Jack, you’re not surprised are you? It takes a brain to process the thought that there might be someone in trouble out there.

    Bit much to expect to expect with just a vacuum between the ears.

  3. Truly pathetic effort Mavis.

  4. Jacob says:

    A bit rich having a stab at poor old Mavis though. C’mon, such late-night scraps are the norm near pubs if you’ve ever lived near one, or a 7-eleven etc.

    I barely notice them now from my place and it’s not because I am ignorant, it’s because it’s a waste of time 99 times out of 100 to get the police involved and the one time I have heard of a friend going out in such an incident, he was promply towled up by a bunch of youths.

    Like Mavis, if I heard some drunk yobbos scrapping near my place, I’d roll over.

    As an expat of the Border, I enjoy the blog, but really it’s easy for you guys to be proudly posing for the internet being just slightly high and mighty and sitting atop the moral highground.

    The Border is a regional city and as such finds itself used to nightlife violence. It’s not the case of splitting up a couple of quarreling latte-sippers, or getting the police to come there asap, because in the real world they won’t rush over there for such a report unless something big happens, and then it’s probably already, sadly, too late.

  5. I’ve lived near several pubs, as a shift worker (which I was at the time) I can assure you I value my sleep immensely, never so much so that I’d sacrifice my moral imperative to summon aid for a person in need however.

    I wasn’t suggesting Mavis trudge out into te wee hours of the morning and take them on shot-gun in hand, but honestly how difficult is it to pick up a telephone reciever and dial 000?

    It’s part of the obligation we all have to ensure a safer community.

    Not sure what your’e blathering about with the “moral high-ground” comment, bystander appathy like Mavis’ (and which you’ve endorsed) fall squarely into the moral gutter category a far as I’m concerned.

    Nice concern for the welfare of your fellow humans there Jacob.

  6. raydixon says:

    From the reports it sounds like the victim was bludgeoned to death right by Mavis’ back fence a few metres from her house. Yet all she heard was someone screaming “I’ll kill you”.

    If it were that loud and that close I think I would have got up and inspected so, as a you say Jack, a simple phone call seems the least one can do.

    (Mind you, I’m used to people screaming abuse at my place in the middle of the night! You know why.)

  7. Kieran says:

    Ray, Jack, Others,

    I totally understand Mavis. The area she lives in is known locally as “Smurf Village”, it’s a piece of housing commission that was designed as a quiet for old age pensioners, but was rapidly filled up with all and sundry.

    The tiniest of yards and the tiniest of units were filled with who ever would fit. The nearby pub was stumbling distance and wasn’t exactly a haven of responsible service, neither was the bottleshop. Standing in front of the half developed shopping centre offered the only real youth entertainment.

    When you live in smurf village, you’re not the sort of person who calls the police when you hear “I’ll kill you”, nor does yet another fight from drunks at the pub really attract your attention. If you were the sort of person who called the police, or went and intervened in a fight, you’d soon be the sort of resident who suffered assaults and wound up dead.

    It has improved in recent years. Some of the more shameless “small businessmen” (as we like to call the drug dealers) were evicted. The village moved more towards it’s originally intended retirement focus, and some larger housing was found for some of those with young families.

    But it’s still not the kind of place where you raise much of an eyebrow at a fight, cursing and screaming. It’s probably just a few drunks after all, and it was, but unfortunately sometimes that intoxicated fight can result in a death.

    Mavis didn’t sound terribly civic minded, or terribly intelligent (contemplating throwing away the bloodied piece of wood), but you have to look at the attitudes that sort of housing situation breeds.

    On an aside, I saw a rather blatant drug deal on my street tonight. Should I have called the cops?

  8. jr says:

    It’s not so much your question that that matters, Kieran. I think you’re big enough to answer that one yourself.

    And your summation of tenant occupancy is not complete either, as I know of at least one young family that lives in those units.

    I think what Jack was getting at is that the world is the place it is because of the low level of concern for one’s “fellow man”. The majority always bleats about things needing to be done, but hey, don’t look at me, I want someone else to be the “doer”.

    I remember well the harrowing night a number of years ago, when five young children perished not more than 2 doors from where I live. The ghouls that lined up and just gawked from relevant safety across the street, as I and a couple of others tried to revive them on the concrete driveway and footpath.

    I bit my tongue and got on with it, but by christ, I wanted to scream, “…either help us, or fuck off!”

    Most of us live in fear and that’s where a certain type of citizen wants us to collectively remain.

  9. raydixon says:

    Kieran, what was he selling and how much?

    (Btw, well said JR)

  10. Kieran says:

    Ray, I have no idea. I didn’t ask, I just kept on riding.

    Let me tell you something about myself.

    I’ve been assaulted far more often than a person should be in this city.

    I see a person being picked on by bullies, I walk up and tell them to push off, I get a whack in the face. I walk away (I’m a pragmatic pacifist, so long as my life is not endangered this is all I will ever do by way of defence).

    A twelve year old way lays me and demands a smoke. I say no, they insist, I tell them I find it offensive they would even suggest I would give them a smoke, I get a whack in the face. I walk away.

    I refuse to “respect” the hoodlums on Dean st. I get a whack in the face. I walk away.

    When this sort of thing happens, I go to the police, I make a full statement. Once I was even able to give them names and addresses. Nothing happens.

    I’m at the point that when I see a non-violent transaction between two individuals, who are otherwise minding their own business, I just make a mental note and keep walking.

    And I’m a great believer in individual responsibility, it stems from my belief in individual liberty (liberty incurs responsibility).

    But there are places in this town that when there is a brawl on the Street, the police want to know you are prepared to testify in court before they will even attend the scene.

    “Is there a weapon involved?”, “not yet”, “We’ll send a car past there on our next round”.

    I agree with JR, it’s sad, the ghouls are even sadder, but I can still understand the situation that produces’ attitudes like those of Mavis.

    And yes, I’m a sociology student.

  11. Bystander appathy is appaling, inexcusable and indefensible.
    It’s all very well to bleat about “it’s a bad area” but how has it become so?
    With the tacit approval of everyone who lives in the area and has failed to act when they see attrocities going on.

    Need I remind of several shocking and indefensible cases of child abuse and neglect which went on unchecked, in some cases for years because a few moral vacuums “didn’t want to get involved”

    I would suggest that Edmund Burke’s oft repeated addage applies fully here “all that is required for tyranny to prosper is for good men to do nothing”.

  12. raydixon says:

    Underlying that though, Jack, seems to be Kieran’s point that there is a reluctance by the police to become involved too. When the authorities refuse to protect you it does tend to affect the way you react. It also encourages the thugs to be more thuggish.

  13. Lynn Davidson says:

    I have just came across this article….it was my uncle who was brutally murdered that night.
    He was not some drunk having a fight at the end of an evening, he tried to leave after being assaulted by these two men, they ran after him with sticks……..Im sorry but if I heard a man/woman/child being attacked I would at the very least call 999 but I would also try and help, sometimes all it takes is for someone to shout or yell for people to take fright and run… one tried to help my uncle. if they had he may still be alive today.
    I live in Scotland and I cannot even afford to fly to Australia to pay my respects at my uncle’s graveside, these men took him away from a great many people who loved him dearly and we are still struggling to come to terms with such an evil act of violence. I hope and pray justice will be done, as for these men stating self defence, how was it self defence when they ran after a man trying to leave while saying he did not want trouble?????
    To many people in this world think they are beyond the law…..too many innocent people die through unnecessary acts of violence. Time for tougher sentences.

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