Wodonga’s New CEO

Gavin Cator, wearing a helmet and vest makes your case for a massive rate rise all the more convincing!

Gavin Cator, "wearing a helmet and vest makes your case for a massive rate rise all the more convincing!"

Gavin Cator is Wodonga’s new CEO. The Border Mail has a pithy, some might say scant, article on the man who will play a much greater role in our towns governance than any elected representative. He’s from Moira Council, and he has two main claims to fame.

When an old lady died last year, having received a letter threatening legal action over an eleven dollar unpaid fee (which was not in fact unpaid), it seemed that no local councillor was prepared to front the media. Cator offered his sympathies, insisted the council was not in error, and then later admitted the council was in error. Oh well.

The second claim to fame, a massive rate rise. Having held the job since 1998, in 2004 Cator and Moira council commissioned a study which revealed they needed to spend twice as much on infrastructure than they were spending, and that was just to avoid being sued to death. Local anger followed.

I’ve compiled what information I can find out about Cator, plus references, in Wodonga’s New CEO: Gavin Cator. (End shameless plug here).

If you give a damn about local governance in Wodonga (I know not many do) watch this guy, the CEO is a lot more important than any Mayor.

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2 Responses to Wodonga’s New CEO

  1. I wonder what he had to do to get the job?
    Presumably a proven ability to spend money like we’re on the eve of armageddeon would be an essential criteria for Wodonga council.

  2. raydixon says:

    Well it could have been worse Jack. At least they knocked back Wang & ex-Alpine CEO Doug Sharp. I’d almost put money on it that he made an application. Apparently he’s not too popular over there either. Nice man though !!!!

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