Albury Council Elections: Matthews not on Labor ticket, Ryan is!

This AWOL article is about the upcoming council elections, hence the little graphic!

This AWOL article is about the upcoming council elections, hence the little graphic!

Friday’s Border mail (18 July 08, pp.12) reports that a Labor ticket has been announced in the upcoming Albury Council. The article reports that the ticket will be headed by Labor’s candidate for Farrer at the last elections, Chris Ryan. The ticket will also include Tim Clune, Kerry Bryan, Marie Sheahan and David Thiel.

There are two interesting tidbits about this ticket. The obvious is that it’s topped but the utterly snore-worthy Chris Ryan, the other is that it doesn’t include Nico Matthews.

Matthew’s was a Labor candidate at the state level in 2003 and at the federal level in 2004. He’s a sitting councillor and according to an earlier report in the Border Mail he has announced his intention to contest the upcoming election. So what’s the deal, has he been dumped by Labor, has he decided he prefers to be an independent, or has he decided not to run? Any tips would be welcome.

I’ll be updating our election guide to reflect these changes shortly.

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6 Responses to Albury Council Elections: Matthews not on Labor ticket, Ryan is!

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  3. Ashlee, I agree with your Dad that Dean Street after dark is not as nice as it could be, I also agree that more police are part of the solution, where does your dad stand on the redevelopment of QEII Square for instance?

    I think that is a golden opportunity to help reduce the “lurk” factor in Dean Steet after dark.

    My only concern would be the potential for effective “hijacking” of the council to serve vested interests of local buisiness, having said that it’s not like that hasn’t been done before.

    Would your Dad be interested in writing a post about his proposed council candidacy?
    What he stands for and how he hopes to achieve it?

    As long as it was clear it was written by him I’d be happy to run it, you can submit via email to

    We get a few hundred hits per day from people in the local area. It could be worth his while.

  4. Ashlee says:

    I’m not sure what his ideas are re QEII (I don’t live in Albury anymore and our last few phone conversations have been me whinging about pain after getting my wisdom teeth out!) but I am sure he would like to see a reduction in antisocial behavior there.

    I will let him know about the offer of a blog post and will pass on your email. Thanks!

  5. Kieran says:

    Thanks for the link Ashlee, I’m in the process of updating out guide now.

    best wishes,


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