National Tree Day @ Willow Park

Friends of Willow Park have sent our a flyer for their upcoming National Tree Day event.

National Tree day is the 27th of July. If you feel like planting a tree, head down to Willow Park (meet near the BBQ). Registration will be at 10:30am, planting starts at 11:00am, and there will be a BBQ and face painting to wrap things up at 1:00pm.

Update: Be sure to bring a spade and hammer/mallet!

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2 Responses to National Tree Day @ Willow Park

  1. JR says:

    Isn’t amazing how there are no comments here yet? One of the most important resources on the planet — TREES — and here we are. The rat’s tail wins again.

    More trees equals more absorbtion of carbon dioxide. Time to get our hands dirty.

  2. JR I went to Albury tree day last year (our wannabe Tim Brooke-Taylor Greg Aplin turned up for a token five minuites, he didn’t win too many friends) and I’ll be going again this year, of course you don’t actually have to wait until tree day, I filled up my front yard with local natives from the Wonga wetlands nursery (cheaper than a commercial nursery) and Parklands Albury Wodonga has an active volunteer programme which I was involved with briefly.

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