Tim Flannery to give Kerferd Oration

Tim Flannery… the man who demonstrated that all it took for a lefty environmentalist to become Australian of the Year under Howard was a preparedness to claim that Coal is Clean. Anyway, there is no denying that he’s one of the country’s most important environmental thinkers, and he’ll be at Latrobe’s Beechworth Campus giving the Kerferd Address on the 27th of July.

Door’s will be open at 10:30am, enquiries can be made on 0357208000, talk at the George Briscoe Kerferd Conference Centre, Albert Rd Beechworth.

If I manage to make it to the talk you can expect a run down here on AWOL by the 28th.

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4 Responses to Tim Flannery to give Kerferd Oration

  1. will there be a buffet of minke whale sushi I wonder?

    I recently watched “two men in a tinnie” and it is a god show, John Doyle is there I suspect, largely for comic relief, but Tim Flannery does have some interesting points.

    He doesn’t speak quite as eloquently as the river does itself, see the devestation all the way down to the confluence at Bathurst and it’s very difficult to swallow the lies of Queensland red-necks about the impact of their mega-dams to irrigate their vast cotton crops.

    Ah cotton bless it, the crop of slavery, hemp prohibition, DuPont chemicals, and now, in all likelyhood the crop that killed the Murray.

  2. Jack, gonna have to ask that you don’t edit my posts in quite that fashion.

    The picture you added, for instance, is under copyright, I know you don’t care, but I am using my real name, and whats in posts with my name on it will reflect on me.

    You’re the editor, but the blogging standard is to clearly indicate when and what you have changed in someone elses post. (ie, put additions in bold, deletions in strike through, and leave a note saying which user did it.)


  3. Sure np.
    I’m actually unaware of any instances where a sucessful suit for copyright breech has been put forth against a private, not for profit blog like this one, I think the case to demonstrate financial hardship incurred by reproducing an image of an original oil painting would be very tenuous indeed.

    My personal preference is to illustrate posts, I think they look better, and it adds a context to the content of the piece, nonetheless, I’ll respect your wishes on this matter and refrain from adding an illustration to your future posts.

    Just out of interest, the portrait itself was painted for the Archibalds, the Archibalds themselves were set up by then editor of the now defunct Bulletin magazine JF Archibald as an incentive for portrait artists to depict eminent persons of the day, images he himself would then reproduce to illustrate stories relating to them in print.
    You could argue therefore, that without print media, the Archibald art prize itself would not exist, therefore the painting you’re refering to may never have been produced.

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