Sneaky says “sorry”


Sydney trio Sneaky Sound System has issued a written apology to several news outlets distancing themselves from comments made by lead singer Connie Mitchell (above) about Albury Wodonga to British music magazine TNT.

The appropriately explosive comment was that “Albury-Wodonga had only one hotel and relied on sheep-shearing”.

The apology, which was addressed to the residents of Albury-Wodonga said in part;

“It seems we have really set off on the wrong foot.

I would like to apologise unreservedly for the negative comments that were published in the TNT magazine in Britain.

It was never my intention to upset anyone and I truly regret this situation.

I hope we can get over this hurdle, you can accept my apology and we can get back on the right foot.”

The comments come in the wake of allegations of room-trashing at the Chifley motel in Albury during a stay last November for the Groovin’ the Moo festival.

Connie Mitchell has hit back at the allegations saying;

“The hotel in question apologised unreservedly for the misinformation, yet this so-called news still found its way onto mainstream television, radio and newspapers around Australia. That story was simply not true”.

Julia Davis, booking agent for the band, said in a statement to the Border Mail 

There is a group of bands who … take a painting off the wall at every hotel they stay at and draw a painting behind it.

“It’s like a cult thing.

“There was no vomit or beer bottles or anything left all over the place

The apology is apparently not good enough for DJs Matt & LC of Albury’s Star FM who have refused to play the band’s music and held a sheep-shearing contest in protest;

“When you say something like what she said it’s hard not to offend.

We want to speak to a member of the band themselves”

But the appology was more warmly received by Albury’s Mayor Stuart Baker;

“I think it’s great that they have apologised. I’m very happy with that apology”

I must be getting old I think, I remember when a rock and roll outfit could get into a bit of mischief and make an off the cuff remark WITHOUT being held to ransom by a couple of mouth-pieces for broadcast advertisement and having to issue a written apology. 

Lord help the delicate sensibilities of sanctimonious wonkers like Matt & LC if a genuinely hard core rock act ever comes to town.


About alburywodongaonline

Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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16 Responses to Sneaky says “sorry”

  1. raydixon says:

    What’s the problem here? It’s sounds like Connie got Albury in one!

  2. Ray, Ray, Ray for a population base of just over 90 000 people, Albury Wodonga has around a dozen pubs, more than twice that number licenced venues and effectively three casinos.

    We may be poorly catered to for progressive ideas about social justice, welfare, race relations and environmental management, but one thing we are not short on is places to get a skin-full.

    As for the shearing?, well yes there are a few cockies around the place who think the world revolves around them, the reality is quite different though I assure you.

  3. btw like the gratuitous up-skirt shot I got for you all to look at?

    I’m assured she’s of a legal age to consent to posing for a pic like that so….enjoy.

  4. raydixon says:

    I mean metaphorically she got it right.

    And I was going to comment on the ‘upskirt’ but good taste and fear of prosecution got the better of me.

  5. Stretch says:

    Gratuitous up-skirt shot or not. What is the connection between the photo and Connie Mitchell?

  6. doh, I boosted the image from the daily from a piece they ran on the Top 10 Hottest Ladies in Australian Music.

    They ran the names ABOVE the photographs rather than below where you’d normally expect to see them.
    Consequently I ran a pic of Adilita from Magic Dirt instead of Connie from SSS.

    Sadly I was nowhere near hip enough to know the difference.

    Sorry for the muck-up, no excuses, but I have fixed it now.

  7. raydixon says:

    Bring back Adilta, please!

  8. Miss Connie seductively tounging her finger not doing it for you then?

    Personally if the point of the excercise is to put up a picture of a hottie in the Australian music scene, my vote is for Kate Miller-Heidke.
    She’s like a little fairy princess from a brother’s Grimm story.

  9. I once saw Magic Dirt at the Rockarama festival in Cobram. That night Adilita was a complete space cadet and the performance was crap. Magic Dirt really were over-rated.

  10. Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus would get my vote.

  11. well at least KK Juggy from MGF used to perform naked.
    She’s apparently the ringleader for Circus Oz now I found out just recently.

  12. know, by co-incidence, the chick who played Sam’s girlfriend in the Lord of the Rings trilogy was also named Sarah McLeod, lucky you specified, you might have ended up with a hobbit (albeit it a hot one).

  13. MGF, now there was a band who knew how to entertain. KK Juggy also did some solo stuff, her other stage name escapes me, with her signature piece being a little ditty called ‘Let me be your dirty f*ck*ng whore’.

  14. She now goes by Christa Hughes.

  15. raydixon says:

    Umm, any pics of KK Juggy?

  16. She is beautiful and sings very well. I just watch a clip of the group.

    Certainly, here in Brazil, she would highlight in any Samba School.


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