Want to belt someone unconscious? Step onto the footy field.

                                   Trent Stanimirovitch

I won’t spend too much time or energy on this matter, more than enough ink has been wasted on the subject already.

Here’s an astounding news flash, which may surprise a few people in the local area….deliberately punching another person in the head with enough force to render them unconscious and put their teeth through their lip is against the law.

It’s called assault occasioning actual grievous bodily harm, and it carries a penalty of jail time most often.

Trent Stanimirovitch is a thug, his club’s ardent support of his actions is reprehensible and jail time is an entirely appropriate outcome for his actions.

The incident highlights two pertinent facts, firstly the leniency of football tribunals when dealing with abject thuggery as displayed in this case, secondly, that a person waives neither their right to protection of the law nor their responsibility to abide by it simply because they step onto a football field.


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10 Responses to Want to belt someone unconscious? Step onto the footy field.

  1. No way,
    As soon as you cross that white line you are beyond the law.
    Footy should be just like Gitmo. no rules, no courts.
    It’s what the mums want when they send their kids to Auskick.

  2. noice, no you’re quite right of course, how dare trivialities like law and order impinge on sport.

    I think in future bills should have to pass both the upper and lower houses of parlaiment, as well as being approved by various sporting associations like the AFL, NRL, cricket Australia etc. before becoming law.

  3. raydixon says:

    I played a lot of footy when I was young and I have to admit I enjoyed the odd opportunity to let somebody ‘have it’. It’s fairly natural to be aggressive in sport but there is a line … beyond the white line.

  4. Well it’s a contact sport, I think if someone steps onto the field that in itself is a form of consent that they may be subject to being knocked around a bit, within the context of the game.

    Just like you don’t go train karate unless you are prepared to wear the occasional misplaced punch or kick as part of it.

    No-one’s sugesting we make the game ticky-touchwood but surely a deliberate smack in the head is a criminal action no matter what the context.
    This guy found himself rightly before a judge, so should Barry Hall for his “brain-snap”earlier this season.
    No, it’s not his fault, he had a “brain-snap”.
    If that’s genuinely the case, he needs to be in an institution for the criminally insane, of course the reality is, they are the words of a piss-weak individual, downplaying a deliberate criminal act.

    Both incidents say as much about the excessive leniancy of the football judiciary as they do about the acts of thuggery themselves.

  5. raydixon says:

    King-hits like Hall’s when the other guy doesn’t see it coming are criminal offences. Yes, he should have been charged. Leigh Matthews was charged by police and convicted for a similar incident more than 20 years ago, so how come Hall wasn’t?

  6. I’ll give you a hint….$$$$$$$

  7. $$$$$$$. That, and the fact that none of the cops were game to be the arresting officer.

  8. raydixon says:

    And he comes back after serving suspension and takes another swing to the head of another player in last night’s game. He’s lucky it didn’t connect as well this time but the intention was exactly the same. I think he should get rubbed out for the rest of the season for last night’s incident but more than likely he’ll get off.

  9. well Barry “the biff” Hall could end up sharing a jail cell with Wayne Carey if he decides to take a swing at the cops.
    They don’t have a sense of humour about that stuff.

    The cops have all kinds of things at their disposal, not least of which, nine millimetre semi automatic handguns.

    If they can slap cuffs on and cart away real hard nuts like Neddy Smith, “Chopper” Reid, Ivan Milat and all manner of patch wearing bikie members, la Cosa Nostra etc. I doubt they’d lose too much sleep about carting Sydney’s jersey number one off to the holding cells.

    He’d learn one lesson in jail, no matter how big and tough you think you are, there’s always someone better.

    If you want to see a fight, go to a boxing match I reckon, I’d rather watch footy than see some wanna-be tough guy like Hall beating his chest like a silver back gorilla in the mating season.

  10. annoyed says:

    Trent Stanimirovitch is one of the lowest people I know. Fair enough people get violent on the Footy Field but to attack someone to that extent when you are nowhere near the ball is completely uncalled for and thats just the footy, thats not even starting on his personailty and home life.

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