C’mon Amanda, Albury loves a pig-in-a-poke.

Controversy around the proposed spectator fee to the Albury Sports stadium may have been put on hold unti after the September council elections, but cr. Amanda Duncan-Strelec just couldn’t let the opportunity go by without taking a shot at SEABL cellar dwellers the Border Bandits for their public opposition to the proposed fee.

Cr. Duncan Strelec at last week’s council election gave voice to her disappointment that the club would be so publicly critical of council despite recieving a financial rescue package to the tune of $20 000.00 just months earlier.

She was also critical of fellow councilor Henk Ven de Ven’s involvement in pushing for both the financial bailout and the low key manner in which it was handled. 

Ms. Duncan Strelec also made a general statement that Albury council should be nurturing and encouraging core business interests rather than endeavours of dubious merit like the PS Cumberoona and the Ettamogah pub.

Surely it’s a matter of historical significance that the people of Albury should maintain an eyesore designed to resemble a feature of a cartoon series depicting chain-smoking, alcoholic red-necks.

Especially now that the T&A rag which published the cartoon has gone the way of the dodo.

How else is anyone born after 1980 going to know what an “Ettamogah pub” is…unless they go to Queensland where there is also one of these eyesores.

No, it’s an investment really, without the Ettamogah pub, how else will greebly old octogenarians be able to get all nostalgic about arguably the most ill-informed, biased tit-mag in Australian publishing history? 



About alburywodongaonline

Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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9 Responses to C’mon Amanda, Albury loves a pig-in-a-poke.

  1. Greg Naylor says:

    This greebly old bugger got caught by the nuns in primary school with a copy of that tit mag in his desk. Not a good scene! They didn’t buy the notion that I had it for the cartoon either.

    Over the years, I have amused quite a few world travellers by having a beer with them in the Ettamogah pub. They love the joint and it located nicely for a stop-off on a through trip.

    You make sure history is preserved there good buddy!

  2. you know I have nothing against tit-mags per se, but you have to wonder at the wisdom of keeping a “tourist attraction” (sheesh they must get five or six visitors a year now that the freeway is built) going that’s based on a publication which has been out of print for almost two decades.

    I’m in my mid thirties and I’d say I’m at the very tail end of people in Australia who would even remember the Post magazine, no offence mate but it was a bit of a dirty old men’s magazine even when I was a kid. Plenty of topless models and ads for “escort agencies” as I recall.

    Kind of a mix of ill informed current events and titilation, Today Tonight meets Big Brother if you like.

    Sure remember it fondly, even buy a piece of the original artwork if you feel the need, but the argument for a ratepayer funded monument to a failed publishing endeavour is tenuous at best isn’t it?

  3. Greg Naylor says:

    Yeah, of course you are right. But as I said, I am old enough to remember.

  4. raydixon says:

    I think the Ettamogah might be in keeping with the theme of the region – “Redneck Country” !

  5. well it certainly represents “red-neck country” to me.
    There’s a couple of pig in a poke ventures along that stretch. Now that it’s a back-road, it’s hardly ideally situated to cater to the tourist trade.
    It’s far enough out of town to keep people from going there too, you have to make a special trip and to be honest I think a lot of people from cities see vast expanse for five minuites and think they’ve missed whatever landmark they are are looking for.
    They’re right, it’s insane to put any kind of buisiness venture so far out of town.
    Especially with the “scenic” paper-mill and it’s refreshing “aromas” casting it’s shaddow over the landscape out there.

    I think Kevin Porter was pushing to have the wildlife sanctuary moved to the Wonga Wetlands site, which does make a lot of sense.
    It’s haemorhaging money out there, it only kept it’s doors open because the council partially funded it but I think it’s pretty obvious in it’s present location it’s not a viable endeavour.

    It’s quite sad actually, from what I’ve seen of the place it’s not very well run and the welfare of the animals could be looked after a lot better.

    It’s not exactly an endorsement of the region that it keeps operating in that state.

  6. raydixon says:

    I’ve never visited it and I must say I have no inclination to. What’s the appeal? At best these things appeal to the same people who think it’s a good idea to build a “big” something, like the big pineapple, the big banana, the big pig, the big sheep, and so on. Myrtleford’s got a big cigarette, so here in Bright maybe we should have a big joint – or maybe that should be at Wandi. These things, to me, are just … “big deal”.

  7. The pub is seen as a bit of an embarrassment by many people up here.

    Sadly, it is the rednecks who like it, and it is in redneck territory.

    Incidentally, I remember Post. A friend of my parents used to buy it all the time. It could easily have been classed as the redneck t&a mag of choice.

  8. I don’t know, it seems to me a redneck icon from a defunct pseudo porn-mag would be an ideal location for Albury’s brothel actually.

    Mind you, they’d want to be pretty to get people to drive 20kms out of town.

    They could have an all night licence, strip joint, shuttle busses to and from town, let’s face it who cares what they do out there?

  9. raydixon says:

    Pretty … and cheap.

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