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OK, I get it, he’s an idiot!!

Thanks again to Ray Dixon of Alpine opinion for sourcing this exerpt. Where do I even begin with this ? Bradley, you’ll notice there’s a publicly accessible comments thread at the base of each post, it offers, among other things, a … Continue reading

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Albury Sports Stadium, my $2 worth.

I’m not entirely sure I want to buy into this debate, but I did want to provide a forum for people to submit their views. The debate is around a proposal by Albury council to impose a $2.00 fee for … Continue reading

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Stupidity contest? We have a winner!!

“pack me off to the nursing home? not on your nelly” You could be forgiven for thinking the debate around late night violence on Dean Street had degenerated into a stupidity contest. If it were, Arthur Fraunfelder, currently in the … Continue reading

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So crazy it just might work.

Refreshingly, Cr Amanda Duncan Strelec has weighed in to the issue of late night violence on Dean Street with one of the more sensible suggestions I have heard on the debate. She has suggested a voluntary, across the board one … Continue reading

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Drugs!! “You can see it in their eyes”: Fraunfelder.

“I see STONED people” Albury city councilor Arthur Fraunfelder (above) has claimed “around half” of late night patrons in Dean Street are effected by drugs and that this was the real reason for late night violence on the strip. “You can see … Continue reading

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Uphold the right, even when they’re wrong.

An office of police integrity (OPI) hearing has heard taped evidence of phone conversations between disgraced former drug squad detective Paul Dale-a suspect in the murders of Terrence and Christine Hodson- and Det-Sergeant Denis Linehan. The inquiry has heard a series of secretly … Continue reading

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Local government, local media, BFF.

Recently I’ve been feeling a little like someone wearing a Skippy costume at a ‘roo shooter’s convention over my attitude towards local government, local media and the relationship between the two. I’ve had vindictive little sabateurs stirring up a stink … Continue reading

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