Uphold the right, even when they’re wrong.

An office of police integrity (OPI) hearing has heard taped evidence of phone conversations between disgraced former drug squad detective Paul Dale-a suspect in the murders of Terrence and Christine Hodson- and Det-Sergeant Denis Linehan.

The inquiry has heard a series of secretly recorded phone conversations in which it was alleged Det-Sgt Linehan shared information with Mr Dale about Taskforce Petra, which is probing the double murder

Det-Sergeant Linehan said he didn’t believe Mr Dale was involved in any of the crimes.’

“I was a mate before all this happened and I’m a mate now,” Det-Sergeant Linehan said.

Det-Sergeant Linehan, stationed at Flemington CIB, said he provided an alibi for Mr Dale on the weekend that the Hodsons were gunned down at their East Kew home.

Det-Sergeant Linehan said he believed Mr Dale was a victim of the police ethical standards department.

“ESD have ruined Paul Dale’s life,” he said.

In another tape played to the hearing Det-Sergeant Linehan is heard discussing an alibi in relation to a West Australian detective.

Det-Sergeant Linehan said he only mentioned the word alibi because broadcaster Derryn Hinch had made on on air comment that Mr Dale was using a WA policeman as one of his alibi witnesses.

The police watchdog has accused Paul Dale of using serving officers to interfere with an inquiry into the 2004 killing.


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  1. raydixon says:

    I’m putting this comment here because I couldn’t read your last one AWOL. The comments made to your blog posts are diminishing in font size with each comment made. It’s weird. I see it’s happened even on your earlier posts. It’s not happening on my blog or any other WP blog I’ve looked at so it seems to be a problem peculiar to you. Perhaps go to “forums” (top right in your dashboard) and seek some help. Someone will know what to do about it.

  2. raydixon says:

    Oh, I see you’ve already got onto the forums. Not much help there yet though. Keep reminding them and someone will work it out.

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    Maybe try out a new template. It seems to be limited to the one you’re presently using.

  4. from my end it seems resolved, is it fixed your end too?
    It was suggested it might be a browser problem, I’m using explorer (I assume you are too) someone using firefox said it wasn’t doing it when they looked.

    All I can say is it is an extremely weird phenomenon.

  5. raydixon says:

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