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Snoozin’ Susan MIIA (missing in in-action)

Has anyone seen or heard boo from Susan Ley since she swanned into town to entreat the party faithful to an audience back in November? I don’t really care I just wondered if the people of Farrer needed to file a missing … Continue reading

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Demon seed of a demon weed?

           A video which has appeared on youtube depicting Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella’s unborn child as a demon has stirred an expected level of controversy. As the Daily Telegraph says; The video closes on an image of a red-eyed and … Continue reading

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Spectator fee on back-burner, maybe in through the back door after September.

Albury council has voted to suspend the controvertial spectator fee proposed for the Albury sports stadium, electing instead to leave it up to the council which will be re-convened after the September election as to whether they want to impliment … Continue reading

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A tale of two twits.

                                                Right now there are two federal electorates which aught hang their heads in shame at their choice of parliamentary representation, one is Robertson, the other, Indi. While it seems  en vogue at the minute to take pot-shots at beleaguered … Continue reading

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Daniel to be laid to rest in Albury.

The remains of toddler Daniel Thomas will be buried in a ceremony in Albury this Friday after the coroner released his remains into the custody of his mother, but tensions between the deceased boy’s estranged parents threaten to mar the event. … Continue reading

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Nico Mathews, shameless populist?

I’ve folowed with some impartial interest the events surrounding the proposed introduction of a $2.00 fee for spectators at junior games at Albury sports stadium. So I was interested to read this article in the Border Mail. While the main … Continue reading

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Brazen attack on one of our most vulnerable.

Police are hunting two men after a calous and sickening attack on an elderly woman in QEII Square at around 5:30 pm on Saturday afternoon. The woman, who does not want to be identified as she is fearful of reprisals, … Continue reading

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