Albury’s graffiti “war” has storeowners hopping mad.

Well I guess if truth is the first casualty, the second must be the term “war” itself.

Time was when it took a prolonged and organised military engagement to earn the title “war”, remember the scemantic evasions over the “Vietnam conflict”?

Of course the term “war” has also been used to describe a co-ordinated effort of various underworld types bumping one another off as well.

Now it seems the term has fallen into such disrepute that it can be used to describe the nocturnal antics of a couple of spotty little twerps with a spray can out past their bed-time.

As reported earlier this week one of the little rat-bags involved, a sixteen year old kid, was quick marched down to the Albury police station by his parents to face questioning over his involvement in the spate of graffiti vandalism that has appeared over recent weeks, the impression I got from the Prime news broadcast earlier in the week was that that there were two other kids involved and that the kid they questioned was singing like Luciano Pavarotti.
Fairly cut and dried I would have thought, surely that’s an end to it.

Or so you’d think.

I also remember quite distinctly a member of Albury police who Prime News interviewed on the matter specifically stating the vandalism was the work of a few isolated individuals and “not gang related”.

Hmmmm, so are the Albury police telling porky pies or did the Border mail’s Sarah Dean get it wrong when she claimed “Rival gangs have sprayed walls, windows and signs to claim their turf with another attack…”?

I see the incident has been used as a springboard to re-launch the tired old CCTV debate, yet again.

Surely the Border Mail wouldn’t stoop to advocating a knee-jerk reaction or overt sensationalism just to sell a few newspapers. Would they? Surely they’d never cash in on the intolerant conservatism or inhereint paranoia of the local populace just to increase their circulation.

I will say this however, if the Albury police can’t put a stop to this spate of vandalism despite having names and addresses of suspects AND the reliable testimony of a credible witness (and his parents) I think we can reasonably assume they aren’t going to under any circumstances.

About alburywodongaonline

Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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75 Responses to Albury’s graffiti “war” has storeowners hopping mad.

  1. raydixon says:

    I wonder what “S2S” stands for?

  2. scallywag to scumbag perhaps?

  3. The worst thing about this whole episode is that now Wodonga Council have had to form a sub-committee to discus how they too can have a ‘graffiti war’ just like Albury.

  4. I guess Rodney Wangman could wear a pair of oversized track pants and a baseball cap and go around spraying “me2” all over Albury.

    It’d certainly help counter his killjoy image I guess.

  5. raydixon says:

    AWOL, this is off-topic but have you come across the new Albury “e-zine” website reported in today’s Border Mail? There was a large page 3 article about it and even an editorial sort of condemning it. One of the Albury councillors is “seeking legal advice” about something written on the website. The author is Paul Greene but I’ve Googled all over the place and can’t find it. Maybe it’s just not showing up yet.

  6. ah yes I’m glad you asked Ray, there’s a link to it on my sidebar, it’s called BORDERLINE Albury Wodonga.
    It has some fun stuff in there, I doubt seriously there is a case to answer it’s more a case of ruffled feathers on the parts of Crs Duncan Strelec and Matthews.

    He was on prime news last night, they did a scathing report on it as well.
    Not too fond of free speech are our local media.

  7. raydixon says:

    Right under my nose huh? I’ll have a look.

  8. raydixon says:

    Well I had a look. Carry’s on a bit doesn’t he? It’s all a bit long-winded and clearly vindictive. He’s got some good points buried under all that waffle but it’s lost amongst the diatribe and I wouldn’t give the stories any credibility due to the way they’re presented. I think he might be in trouble defamation-wise too, unless he can prove conclusively the councillor got pissed and took her bra off at a local government function.

  9. I think it’s fantastic. It takes a fair bit of commitment to take that much of an interest in the mess that is Albury, so for that at least he should be congratulated.

  10. yeah it’s a good read agree.

  11. raydixon says:

    A bit over zealous though, don’t you think? I mean, I’ve been accused by the Alpine council of going too hard on them but what I do is mild compared to this stuff. I felt he lost his point among all the muck-raking. Everyone knows people get a bit tiddly now & then and, geezus, I could write some real “libel bait” based on what I’ve heard (from reliable sources) too. But, I prefer to stick to real issues.

  12. To be honest Ray, alternative media needs to give things a pretty big shake before they get noticed somewhere like Albury. The stuff regarding drunken behaviour isn’t anywhere near as revealing as the other items on there, but they alone probably wouldn’t have provided the hook needed. What will be more interesting is whether he’s got more to follow up or whether this is a single salvo aimed at settling a few scores.

  13. I think by the sounds he’s largely reliant on tip-offs from people in the community when it comes to lifting the lid on scandals in our fair city Dave.

    I suspect if he is going to come unstuck it’s going to be from printing something on a tip off which later turns out to be false information motivated by sour grapes or animosity.
    In any rate, all the information sounds plausible so far and the (over) reaction of the people named in the articles is far and away the most amusing aspect of the whole thing.

    Over-zealous Ray? no, I don’t think so, I mean he’s definitely going in boots-and-all, if that’s his journalistic style that’s OK, I think most of the problem is that it’s come as a shock to a bunch of public officials who have gotten used to being molly-coddled by the mainstream media.
    If they had been doing their jobs properly there wouldn’t be publications like BORDERLINE.

  14. raydixon says:

    I suppose I’m forgetting that for a new site to get noticed by the community & the local council you need to be controversial. And when I think of it, a lot of things I wrote when I first started were aimed at grabbing attention too. It worked, and I’ve got the nasty legal letters to prove it (to which I replied “get stuffed”).

    Anyway, Greene has certainly been noticed. I see that (according to the report in the BM) he’s going after Wodonga next – the Wang Man’s territory. This PG is sounding a lot like Jack Stone!

  15. well there are obvious differences.

    I’m firmly of the opinion that there’s enough rotten dealings and stinky scandals in Albury Wodonga to go round.

    The more eyes some of these sleazeballs have on them, the more accountability the better.

    Maybe, just maybe a higher level of public scrutiny might help keep some of the ratbags we have in public office on the level.

  16. raydixon says:

    You’ve got a different problem to us by the sound of it Jack. It sounds like your councillors are, er, about as straight as a dog’s hind leg. Whereas ours (in Alpine) are not necessarily “bent”, but just stupid and inept. In fact they’re even too stupid to be bent!

  17. Insider01 says:

    “The more eyes some of these sleazeballs have on them, the more accountability the better.”

    None of you actually realise what you’re doing to Albury Council…I have a friend who works in the building and these kinds of sites are not ignored, but also aren’t given any consideration in terms of real public comment!

    You’re turning great staff away from local government and in turn, hurting the community even more with your lies. We need to keep the educated and hardworking people in organisations like these.

    Don’t have illusions of grand endings where the community embraces you all as heroes.

    The problem with government today is that you cannot keep young, ambitious and smart people because they get spited by these kinds of talks. Grow up and do something real about it, don’t just waffle!

    Do any of you actually work in any related organisations to government? If not, stay out of the way and stop ruining honest people’s reputations, you’re hurting their integrity and, if you’re found to be lying, the consequences are endless.

    On another note: a lot of images used on these sites are owned by either Albury or Wodonga Council, and are copyright. I suggest that they’re removed immediately before a case is brought against you, I have had it happen to me and trust me, there is no way you could win.

  18. Your obvious partisan support of various elements within council notwithstanding, insider01 free speech is a right I’m not about to give up just because a few delicate little noses are put out of joint.
    It never struck you that maybe just maybe, the ability to take criticism might be at the very least a desirable characteristic for persons wanting to enter into public life?

    If you are going to accuse me of lying (which you have), perhaps you might actually come up with a single modecum of evidence to support that claim.
    Just one.
    As for your allusion to legal action over copyright issues, I can assure you I don’t respond well to threats. The images stay.
    As far as I’m concerned the images have been put into the public domain, I haven’t edited or altered any of them and I certainly haven’t made one single solitary cent of profit as the result of reproducing them.

    It sounds like you are having a little dummy spit that not everyone believes your cronies are doing as marvelous a job as you evidently do.
    That’s OK, but you’re unlikely to garner much support for your cause here.
    I’m sure your views would be well recieved at say the office which produces local council’s press releases, I like to think this site offers a much more balanced forum for actual public debate.
    Here (as in the wider community) you’ll find there are people who (quite justifiably) think there are certain elements within council on both sides of the border which do not have the best intersts of the community at heart and which aught to be called to account for this.

  19. raydixon says:

    Insider 01, your broadside is far too generic and non-specific, which Albury council staff members has AWOL offended here? I don’t recall any being mentioned.

    You seem to be confusing councillors with the administration, so maybe you’re a councillor? I can’t think why else you’d carry on like that especially the comments about so-called copyright of images (owned, incidentally, by the ratepaying public) that are not being used for commercial gain.

    I suggest you pull your head in and let people exercise their democratic right of dissent. Who else is going to hold you lot accountable, the local newspaper?

  20. You’ve got a different problem to us by the sound of it Jack. It sounds like your councillors are, er, about as straight as a dog’s hind leg. Whereas ours (in Alpine) are not necessarily “bent”, but just stupid and inept. In fact they’re even too stupid to be bent

    That’s not what I heard at all Ray, I think Browser Bob put forward a fairly good case that a certain ex-mayor of Alpine Shire is indeed bent…24/7. On something BB called the “Wandi special”, no idea what that could be.

  21. raydixon says:

    Well yeah, if being on a constant bender makes you “bent”, that’s right.

  22. raydixon says:

    PS: It also explains the “stupid”.

  23. well surely it’s not called “dope” for it’s capacity for intellectual enhancement.
    I’m not sure he had that many brain cells to gamble with in the first place.

  24. Not Safe says:

    S2S stands for “scene to street”

    This is fact.

    Many would be willing to dob in the culprits but there has been no reward decent enough to risk the Italian Mafia repercussions….

  25. yes I’m sure, every mobster movie I’ve ever seen has the “made guy” pricking his finger, burning a saint and spray painting some ugly crap all over town.

    We all know how very much LCN likes the spotlight after all.

    Sounds like someone’s been watching a few too many episoodes of “the Sopranos” to me.

  26. raydixon says:

    “Scene to street”?? What the hell does that mean anyway? Don’t tell me the graffiti artists are into cryptic messages too? I think that’s giving them too much credit for having some kind of intellectual capacity.

  27. mate, who knows what a “scene to street” is, it sounds like the name of a women’s clothing store to me.
    It’s hardly a memorable chapter in the history of these rubber gangsters that fancy themselves wannabe tough guys.
    A few years ago it was “COD” which apparently stood for “creators of destruction”, ooooooooh, scary.
    Before that it was (my personal favourite) the “NRB” or “naughty ruthless boys”.

    What a joke, they’d sound tougher if they called themselves the Raggs Kid’s Club.


    Incidentally, the copper I spoke to today assures me that they had rounded up all the little bastards out spraying this kind of crap.

    I guess all that “Italian mafia repercussions” was all so much hot air.

  28. raydixon says:

    I’m just testing this AWOL, to see if my comment goes into “spam” – it’s been happening to me all day at my site & other WP sites. If this goes into your spambox would you unmark it and then delete it please? Thanks.

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  30. james says:

    Use are all dumb sh*ts lol I know the kid who got busted for bieng in the s2s graffiti krew and it stands 4 slum 2 soldiers meaning they used 2 be bad at graff but have risen ib thhe game…. catch

  31. “Use are all dumb sh*ts lol”

    Does anyone else find this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

  32. CRONICALS says:


    when i get my holis i will cum up and tha attack wil b bak
    suck on the unavoidable crime

    • This guy comes from outside melbourne –they get the train -,dont pay–go to hung-jacks -bite to eat then about 12-mid-n away they go thru the city -rail etc.have a resume on them –there days are numbered–only on the full moon!!!

  33. CRONICALS says:

    its the art we love let us express

  34. oh FFS, spraypainting ugly crap all over town is hardly “art”, it’s criminal vandalism.

    If you’re interested in where subversion, art and a positive social message overlap I suggest you google a San Fransisco based artist named Ron English, he’s not well known because he is a bit too controvertial to be “mainstream” but he’s a fine example of an actual talented artist using illegal means to express ideas and excercise free speech.

    Just spraying ugly, meaningless “S2S” sh*te all over town isn’t “art”, it’s the work of an imbecile which you “cronicals” (it’s spelt “chronicles” BTW) are patently one.

    You’re a bloody embarrasment and an idiot to boot.

  35. Mick Dundee says:

    Practice on butchers paper & in the drains first kiddies to get your hand eye co-ordination & can control in check before hitting the streets.Style matters if you want to stand out..Use markers,chalk,spraypaint,shoe polish…whatever.The name of the game is to get up.

    Don’t try & justify it,just do it!

  36. AftermathCrew says:

    As 4 da report in da paper sayin that they no who we r looks like they were wrong cause we re still standing n now people hav been spray paintin vel n leggy n that nsk krew ( no shit krew ) ur a bunch of faggots n as 4 da guy who said ( Now it seems the term has fallen into such disrepute that it can be used to describe the nocturnal antics of a couple of spotty little twerps with a spray can out past their bed-time ) how da fuk can u comment on things u no nothing about n as 4 u sayin do it legally why dont u fukin tell me a place where me n my crew can do it legally u cant and until the council designates a spot we can do it at we re gonna continue 2 do it weather or not an old man lik u rekons we should or should nt

    The graffiti war as da paper called it is not OVER

    6 police chases n 1 security guard chase later n we r still standing

    n da email address u hav 2 leave to post a reply is fake

  37. z says:

    dude, you can’t even spell aftermath. a bit of typography training wouldn’t go astray either…

  38. Josh. says:

    To alburywodongaonline,
    You’re a c@&k, He spells it wrong on purpose. It’s his tag!
    Do some research before you post s*#t like this.
    You don’t know anything about graffiti.
    S2S ran this town and you f$%kers couldn’t do anything about it.
    The members weren’t even from here, and they still bombed the f#$k out of your town.
    Learn some s%^t about graffiti.
    Or we’ll be back.
    You have my word.

  39. indeed Josh, what a useful life skill, running around after dark trashing stuff.

    Way to leave a lasting impression on the world eh Josh?

    You are a tool as are all graffiti dickheads.

    The cops have been alerted to this thread and have been given the emails of turkeys like yourself.
    When you do get busted (and you will) I bet you sh*t yourself when you meet some actual hard-nuts on remand.

    P%ss off you wanna be rubber-gangster, I sh*t bigger than you.

  40. Mello D says:

    Oh dear alburywodongaonline,the “cops have been alerted to this thead”.Fark aye,run for the hills.

    Typing on some insignificant blog hardly proves guilt.

    They don’t give a fuck about you or opinions like yours & no amount of online posturing will stop them.

    Ha,good luck.

  41. z says:

    aftermath = toy

  42. yeah yeah, all you wanna be try-hard graffiti wonkers suck HARD!!
    You’re all going to get busted one day, you’d better hope it’s by the cops and not by some p*ssed-off store owner with a cricket bat to give you idiots the bashing you all so richly deserve.

  43. -S2S- *Melbz-> says:

    Regards of S2S krew.
    Haha omg lol.
    Aftermath calls nsk faggots?
    Wtf aftermath is the worst piece of shit I’ve seen in my life..
    Get betta already or give up an stik to books till yah betta mates.

    An yeh I agree that we just wrote s2s to much but if u ever walked around drains and ssucluded places u’d c we are much betta artist than u take us 4..
    We can do big technicle pieces and throwies inlike aftermath and nsk.

    The only reason u don’t see them around town is coz there aint enough time 2 do them u idiots.


  44. Mello D says:

    All Joe Public seems to be concentrating on is the vandal aspect of graffiti…what about the artistic merit of it?

    While there are very few examples of it in the Alb/Wod area they all have to start somewhere.

  45. z says:

    artistic merit, lol

    i repeat

    aftermath = toy

  46. Aftermath says:

    i agree that we werent good it wasnt spose to look good it was to prove to people that we were willing to do things like that i eventually made it better n it was a starting point to do other things i only started trying to do it better in the end u can c that on da warehouse on da five ways the only reason i said things bout people doing NSK n others lik that because i had mine crossed out when i actually cared bout how it looked n other things were added to mine my crew might hav moved on to doing bigger things but i hav every intention of doing it all again n as for u being so much better s2s is because u v been doing it for quiet sum time i havent n neither hav my crew as for Z why dont u tell me your name n i ii cum n kick your fukin head

  47. z says:

    “i only started trying to do it better in the end”
    “because i had mine crossed out when i actually cared bout how it looked”
    “but i hav every intention of doing it all again”
    ” u v been doing it for quiet sum time i havent n neither hav my crew”
    Hey man, i’ve booked the violins where would you like them to set up?


  48. Aftermath says:

    Hey man, i’ve booked the violins where would you like them to set up?
    wat the fuk do u mean by that r u f*ked in da head n as i just said i only did 1 night that i tried to do it well n id lik u to show me where i said i was any good f****t
    n u still havent told me ur name 2 afraid aye

  49. Aftermath says:

    and u still havent told us wat ur tag is

  50. Aftermath says:

    wtf r u talking bout
    i’ve booked the violins where would you like them to set up

  51. aftermath says:

    listen jack stone post wat i write or u ll c wat happens this forum is for everybody to use wat right do u hav to manipulate wat people write on hear hey u lil bitch

  52. OMFG, I’m the site administrator you ignorant t#rd.

    “post wat i write or u ll c wat happens”

    Yep, I’m trembling in my boots you gobsh*te.

    Consider yourself banned.

  53. hvyner says:

    You have to wonder if they maybe should have listened in English and learned some good old grammer and writing.

  54. hvyner says:

    oops skills

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