Underbelly under-stocked, under scrutiny.

underbelly.jpgDVD copies of the TV series at the centre of a Victorian Supreme Court decision banning it’s screening in that state have sold out virtually as soon as (and in one case even before) they hit the shelves of Albury retailers.

While there are restrictions on the viewing, sale and transportation of the series in Victoria (which also applies to internet file sharing), the series has been airing in all other states for some time.
The Victorian ban, which was brought about amid fears that viewing the series might unfairly prejudice jurors in the continuing trial of a man currently on trial in Victoria for the 1994 murder of Lewis Moran, one of the characters in the series, the ban does not apply in NSW, enabling Albury retailers to stock DVD copies of the series.

Anyone can purchase copies of the DVD in any state other than Victoria but that hasn’t stopped one retailer reportedly taking the Draconian measure of checking customer’s driver’s licences to ensure that persons purchasing the DVD are not Victorian residents.

The suppression order, reminiscent of the NSW television ban on the dramatised version of the alleged relationship between Roger “Dodger” Rodgerson and Edward “Neddy” Smith Blue Murder a decade ago could be lifted as early as next week when the trial at the centre of the ban is set to conclude.


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7 Responses to Underbelly under-stocked, under scrutiny.

  1. raydixon says:

    If I were asked for my drivers license to buy a DVD I think I’d just answer, “what, do I look under 18?” I understand the order preventing public screenings but what obligation is there on this retailer to ensure no Victorians get their grubby little hands on this DVD for private viewing? It all seems absurd.

  2. It is patently absurd I think.
    Can you imagine the affrontery of a shop-keeper deciding unilaterally that it’s his sole responsibility to ensure no DVD copies go from his store to the state of Victoria.
    Forget the fact that there must be at least seven hundred ways to get around such a ridiculous stance by an individual retailer, I think it’s an absolute invasion of privacy.

    Does it come as any surprise to learn the retailer involved is Mid States records on Dean Street? Their main stock in trade is Shannon Noll and Slim Dusty CD’s I think, I remember years ago going in there, this was back in the 1990’s when Max Sharam was popular, of course they didn’t stock it and this was in the days before Sanity or other chain music retailers so I had to order this CD in.
    There I am trying to explain to this deaf old coot that I would like to order a copy of Max Sharam’s “Coma” CD, “what? What” he bellowed, “Perry Como”.

    True story.

  3. raydixon says:

    So this shop has set itself up as “The DVD Nazis”? Any porn available.? Crikey, even Erotic Nights wouldn’t ask for ID (unless you looked underage I guess).

  4. porn? you must be joking, Mid-States records is all about upholding family values (whatever the hell THAT is), whether you want them or not.

  5. raydixon says:

    I wonder if Erotic Nights are selling it, even though they’re in Wodonga? Would you check it out for me AWOL on your next regular visit?

  6. Insider01 says:

    Is anyone sure if the suppression order covers retailers selling to Victorian residents even in other states?

    I’ve had the episodes for quite a while now but I think it’s ridiculous that Victorians had to be punished because there was ‘fear’ of a jury becoming bias…come on, do jurors not see any form of media?

    Unless they were hiding under a rock during the gang war, I imagine they have got a pretty clear picture of who most of the underworld figures are and what they stand for.

    Anyway, the series romanticizes the events. It doesn’t really defame anyone (I didn’t get that message? Did anyone else?) except ol’ fat boy Carl Williams, who was a mindless gangster anyway.

    So really…who cares who views it? Surely the order could only cover those involved in the trial, not the millions living in Victoria: the not so garden state.

  7. Ray, I’m not sure why you think I shop at “Erotic nights”, can’t say I’ve ever set foot in there.

    Insider01, I think the series does glamourise some quite indefensible behaviour, I think it’s pretty nasty of the television network to make money from human misery but it’s certainly not the first time they have been guilty of that, I dare say it won’t be the last (that’s not a defence of their behaviour by the way).

    As for buying “underbelly” in Victoria? I don’t know, I never looked. I’d be surprised if it WAS legal but you never know.
    I think it’s just silly if retailers in NSW are refusing to sell to Victorian residents.
    The onus is on the buyer not to take it into Victoria as far as I’m aware.

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