Wodonga’s Cinema, is it a “Pulp Fiction”?

Recently Dave from Albury posted this rather amusing post about the proposed Wodonga cinema complex.

Today a quick scan of the “letters to the editor” section of the Border Mail revealed this pearl of wisdom from one Mark Bailey of Wodonga, I’ll copy the letter in it’s entirity because I think it’s worth reading.

I am concerned, as are a few ratepayers in Wodonga. I thought the council and it’s worker’s represented the people.

This council is still off on it’s own agenda of creating monsters that the people will have to deal with at a cost to us in the future.

Stanley Street is one example, where half the streetscape had to be removed because of vandalism or safety. The plan for High Street has potential for a vandal’s haven.

It is sad when the only feature in the town is the disco-illuminated water tower which most other towns had the sense to pull down, it’s an eyesore.

Then we had the pool fiasco but we won’t go there.

But I think the next venture, the proposed cinema and it’s location is the icing on the cake. It will not only remove parking from the centre of town, and make people walk at least 100m to the cinemas. It is in the wrong location. The block of land where Mann’s and Highpoint are is a much better location. It could be dug out to have underground parking and the existing food outlets could be included for a real entertainment area.

Of course this would never happen because it is not about getting the cinema it is about getting the offices rebuilt. I am sick of this council trying to create a champagne town on a beer budget and constantly increasing our rates to cover it.

PS it is exactly the same on the other side of the river.”

Touche Mark, yes it is. A quick scan of the archives shows a lot of the issues you raise have already been mentioned on AWOL, and while I don’t really have an opinion on the proposed site for the cinema comlex (assuming it is ever actually built of course), I agree whole-heartedly that Wodonga council’s spend-thrift managerial style really needs to be checked. 

It seems Wangman et al. are much more concerned about using heavy handed legal threats to quash anything that smacks of dissent than they are about providing responsible stewardship for the people of Wodonga. 

Perhaps in the upcoming November election things will get a shake up, that is provided that in the “pick-a-box” that is the local council ballot, voters don’t inadvertantly pick a pro-development Wangman stooge of course.



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4 Responses to Wodonga’s Cinema, is it a “Pulp Fiction”?

  1. raydixon says:

    The cinema idea in the council-owned carpark looks like a bit of a white elephant, but the author doesn’t seem to understand property ownership entitlements when he suggests the council should put it on the Mann’s site – which is privately owned! Umm, just a minor detail!

    Ayway, as someone who regularly travels from the “outer limits” of humanity (i.e.Bright) to the “big smoke” of Albury-Wodonga, I have to say that overall I think the Wodonga council has done (and is doing) a great job improving the CBD and a lot of other public spaces. They’re certainly doing a lot more than most other councils, which is the result of a lot of heavy lobbying by the former mayor Lisa Mahood.

    They’re trying to make a ‘silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ of course, but nonetheless I think they’re on the right track.

  2. Ray there are certainly improvements that have occured in High Street and Stanley Street too for that matter, the public arts projects that have been added look great I think but the fact remains that Wodonga council has been spending money like it’s going out of style for some time now and don’t look like slowing down any time soon.

    The swimming pool debarcle for instance is a prime example of local government spending on unnecessary facilities.
    Why in heaven’s holy name anyone would need to build THREE seperate swimming pools in the space of a few years is frankly beyond me.
    Incidentally the compulsory aquisition by Wodonga council of the site of the most recent superfluous pool (ie Whitebox rise, so named because it USED to be white box gum forest, that was until Wodonga council rolled the bulldozers in to clear it for housing estate) shows that as far as Wodonga council is concerned all land is their land no matter whose name is on the title deed.

  3. raydixon says:

    I agree about the swimming pool, it’s an indulgence and I don’t support such over-the-top developments with public funds. But I think you’ll find most of the CBD inprovements have been largely funded by the State Government (at least 50/50).

    What they’re trying to do is create a more vibrant CBD that will attract the right mix of shops, restaurants etc. I think that’s a good thing and will pay off eventually. It’s a long-term investment though so there’s bound to be some short term pain.

    If I were living in Wodonga I wouldn’t be complaining about the CBD improvements. It’s a hell of a lot worse over here, where the Alpine council takes our rates and then only spends them on wages. Fair dinkum, they are doing no improvements to speak of.

    As for the cinema thing, it’s an ambitious plan and might not come off. I don’t think the council could compulsorily acquire another site like Manns though if it’s only for that purpose. They can only do that when it involves a public project like a road … or a public pool!

  4. I realise ratepayers aren’t footing the whole bill Ray, Joe taxpayer is helping them out a good bit, nonetheless, you have to wonder about whether this is the most prudent use of public funds, especially when you consider all the things that Wodonga DOESN’T have.

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