Isn’t Wodonga overdue a new identifying icon?


No I’m not talking about the war memorial, I’m talking about the aging concrete, gunmetal grey monstrosity detracting from it in the background.

Yes it’s been there a long time, yes it’s “distinctive” (distinctively hideous in my opinion) and it’s certainly tall, but is it really the best we can do for that end of High Street?

With the number of shopfronts vacant in Wodonga at present, it’s not like the cobbler’s shop which makes it’s home in the street level of the water tower has no-where else to set up shop is it?

Recently Wodonga has spent a truckload on revamping Stanley Street, and the bizarre “lounge on High” project has certainly gotten tongues wagging. Yet for some reason we have persisted in keeping the stark, dejected and squalid looking water tower.

The water tower is hardly unique to Wodonga; they are endemic throughout the region. As their prefabricated form suggests, they were standard issue for most small towns.

In fact that’s rather the problem. Does Wodonga want to remain a “small town” or does it want to become a city? If it’s the former, sure, keep the water tower, hang a few purple lights on it so it only looks offensive during day-light hours and pretend the city has an “observation deck”.

If it’s the latter, surely it’s a mark of maturity to come to terms with the fact that the water tower is a drab, dingy and dull relic of a bygone era and replace it with a distinctive community arts project, or functional amenity. 

In a sense, the debate around the water tower is a representation of the spirit of Wodonga in microcosm, quintessentially it is a question of whether Wodonga wants to make a quantum leap or a quondam one.


About alburywodongaonline

Hi I'm Jack Stone (a pseudonym), I'm a long-time Albury resident and I think it's a great place to live and work. I have a strong interest in local events and media and I started this site because I think a different perspective is often needed when reporting local news. I take a keen interest in local politics, as well as what's going on at the state and federal level, I'm also a supporter of social justice issues, the envirionment and the need for people to have a say in the events that effect their lives. I'm a fan of the Border Bandits and I'd love to see both teams take the flag this year, and next year, and maybe the one after that too.
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10 Responses to Isn’t Wodonga overdue a new identifying icon?

  1. raydixon says:

    Well every town seems to want a big ‘something’ as a tourist attraction. That tower resmbles a certain ‘hand tool’ seen a lot recently on a certain, er, radical website. You know what I mean? Convert it!

  2. I’m not game to say anything in case a photoshopped version appears.

  3. raydixon says:

    You could just put in a link so people could see what one looks like. You never know, it could be just the thing to get the old ‘donga going … so to speak.

  4. are you suggesting we paint the top of the water tower pink Ray?

  5. raydixon says:

    If you like, but the main ‘barrel’ should still be red. It might require some, er, treatment over the top. It’d make a stunning aerial I’d suggest. The opening ceremony could include a parachutists’ contest to see who could land in the, er, bulls eye.

  6. hmmm, it seems the grods crew are wise to the water tower now.
    I can’t imagine it’ll be long before the photo shop edits make an appearance.

  7. raydixon says:

    So I see. But you sort-of brought that on by that link, which led them to this site. I’m interested to see if someone over there can mock the thing up for you. If it looks any good I’d suggest you get in touch with the Mayor .. er, what’s his name?

    Just think of the headline:

    “Wang man says I want a giant FL for my ‘donga”

  8. raydixon says:

    I see the ‘prototype’ is up on grods.

  9. I wonder if an alien invasion comes as a result of all this will they be from Mars or Venus? (hopefully not from Uranus).

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