SS&A Wodonga Guest Speaker.

Just re-posting a request made to publicise a worthwhile event.

Glenn Rose says:



Hello, I’m wondering if you could mention this event to the attention of your blog audience..

On Tuesday 22nd November 12noon – 2pm Gourmet BBQ lunch SS&A Club Wodonga

Guest speaker TIM MATHIESON, Australia’s “first bloke”, partner of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, patron of the Men’s Shed Association and Ambassador for Men’s Health. Also speaking are Dr Jonathon Lewin ( Consultant Urological Surgeon ) and Dr Bill Walton ( Wodonga GP)

Tickets available from Wodonga City Council 0260229300 or the website

$30 pp ( Proceeds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


Glenn Rose on behalf of the Albury Wodonga Prostate Cancer Support Group 0417275446

No worries Glenn, hope this helps.

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Souveneir it for parts?

A thought occurred to me as I wandered around the Library Museum the other day.
Actually as I perused the permanent collection of Uiver memorabilia.

It seemed to me that there was plenty to demonstrate the form and appearance of the plane, but nothing to actually make the link to its actual size.

Surely the inclusion of an iconic piece (such as a propeller) installed tastefully might be a useful thing in being able to imagine the plane’s true size.

Possibly the front part of the fuselage could be cut and the whole cockpit installed.
I’d say the cockpit is the part most people wold be most interested in seeing anyway.


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One out of Four ‘Aint Bad.

Albury Art Gallery 2010 image

Currently there are four temporary art installations around Albury, all are free, all are worth a look and I’d urge anyone in a position to take advantage of the opportunity to check themselves out for themselves.

For what it’s worth, here are my observations.

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Bettridge stands up for drunken yobbery.

The problems with drunken anti-social behaviour in Dean street at night are well documented and decades old.

Seems they haven’t escaped the attention of Prime newsreader Daniel Gibson who posted a brief tweet on the subject over the weekend.

Not so claims Daryl Bettridge, public drunkenness, antisocial behaviour in Dean Street? All in your head.

Bettridge’s financial and agenda driven motives for downplaying the seriousness of anti-social behaviour in Dean Street are obvious given his involvement with the liquor accord, his position on council and the fact that he is in a position whereby he makes a lot of money from the Dean Street drunks., Gibson has no such conflict of interests. In fact he’s a respected source of information “who you turn to for local news” I think is the marketing term.

To quote Bob Dylan, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”.

Do the town a favour Daryl, resign your position on council, close your dive of a pizza shop at a sensible hour and stop providing a venue for anti-social lout behaviour and stop preventing a solution to the drunken idiocy of Dean Street you corrupt, corrupt man.

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Bigmouth strikes again.

Aust Opposition leader Tony Abbott standing with Lib MPs Bronwyn Bishop and Sophie Mirabella in front of a placard painted with flames and "JuLIAR Bob Browns BITCH"

If you’re a Liberal voter in Indi and you oppose a carbon tax you have every reason to be utterly  incensed today.

Not because there’s any particular merit to your view, my observation is that the majority of people (although I concede not all) opposed to a carbon tax are opposed on the basis of climate change scepticism.

Of course people are entitled to this view, just as they are entitled to believe the moon is made of green cheese, but when you have outspoken lay people deciding they know better than 90% plus of a scientific community who have made it their life’s work to understand the complexities of our atmosphere and it’s impact on the environment. They’re not really entitled to have their view listened to by anyone that wants to be taken seriously, in my opinion.

No the people of Indi are entitled to a degree of righteous indignation because quite simply they’ve been screwed. They were screwed at the Liberal party branch meeting when the rank and file members were rolled to run a ring in barrister from Melbourne (presumably one who knew where a few bodies were buried) in a safe seat, THEIR safe seat. Continue reading

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Gabriel cooks up a crock.


Can you spot the prawn?

For the life of me I don’t know what French chef Gabriel Gate is on about.

His claim that the practice of cooking is somehow imperiled seems to me, well spurious to say the very least.

A quick glance at the TV guide will reveal not just one, but a veritable plethora of cooking related shows, prime time, commercial stations, ratings juggernauts right through to obscure daytime programming.

If television is any kind of reflection of the tastes of the Australian public (and I’m not sure THAT many market research analysts can get it wrong ALL the time) Australians are obsessed with cooking. In fact, as much as any other, you could call it a national pass time.

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Really?? this Chestnut…Still!!!

Some of you may recall recently Albury Council held something of an informal vote to decide the fate of the toy plane which has been busily rotting away at the airport for the duration of recent memory.

While I was surprised at how close the vote was, the results were still fairly conclusive, the people of Albury declined the “generous” offer of a local cashed up family to restore the wreck, on the proviso that Albury city dipped into public funds to the tune of a million or so dollars initial outlay, plus an annual upkeep of around a hundred grand to store the aging monstrosity.

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